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You have family business you need to deal with today -- check in with your parents or whomever else...

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Let your sweetie or best friend know where you're coming from today, especially if it's kind of...

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You're often quite generous, especially with friends and crushes, but you might be a bit...

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If you don't stand up for yourself, who will? It's one of those days when you really have to make...

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You can feel a change of energy coming on, so you might want to try something new just to get your...

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You have way more social energy than you know what to do with, so check around until you find the...

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Your emotional side may get the better of you today, and that could mean you have to tell people to...

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Listen to your gut -- it's trying to tell you what's what. If you keep going, you should find that...

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Your job today is to take things to the next level -- preferably in your love life, of course, but...

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Despite what some folks think, you are totally open to new ideas -- as long as they're not...

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Life is just a little harder than you think it really should be today, but that doesn't mean you...

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Breathe a few times, shake off the weirdness and stress of the last month or so, and just shimmy...

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