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Your pioneering spirit leads you into uncharted territory today, and you love what you find! It's a...

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If it feels as if everyone in the world is in a huge hurry except for you, that just means it's...

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You have more going on than anyone else realizes today, and you need to make sure the right people...

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You're so easy to rile up today that you might accidentally do it to yourself when you look at the...

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Someone you run into late today manages to convince you to try something new, or at least to let go...

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Don't be shy about mixing it up with people who are trying to steamroll over you -- it's easy to...

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Things could be really great, but they could just as easily be pretty sketchy. There's good news,...

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You're not feeling especially selfish today, and it's a good time to offer your services to the...

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You're almost having too much fun to make your move -- but your romantic side is out in force, and...

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If you stick with the plan, you can get really far today -- even if it seems like things are...

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You're feeling the need to do charitable work, or at least give a few bucks to a worthy cause. You...

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Ever have one of those days when it seems as if everyone is speaking Martian? It's like that now,...

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Stellar Guidance

5 Warning Signs of Bad Astrology Reading

Weed out the fakes with these 5 things to watch out for during an astrology reading.

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