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Slow down when you're speaking with people you like or want to know better today -- because...

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Stay away from any serious business today -- you have to keep it light and fluffy, as much as...

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You are on the go for most of the day, and couldn't feel better about that! You should try to grab...

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You may find that people are expecting quite a bit from you today -- more than you're willing to...

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Your brainy energy is just about right for figuring out what's going on today -- and other people...

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Lower your pulse a bit when things get weird today -- you need to rely on cold logic to cope with...

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Sit yourself down in a coffee shop or somewhere else that's relatively conducive to deep thought...

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Your eagle eyes spot something out of place late in the day that should affect the way you see...

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You're in a funny position today -- your mind is incredibly active, but it refuses to spend very...

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Your mind is clear and sharp today, and you can figure out almost anything if you decide it's...

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You're feeling intensely playful and energetic today -- and that should translate into some sweet...

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You're pretty creative even on your lowest days, and your energy today is just right for putting on...

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