Cancer Weekly Dating Horoscope

Week of February 25, 2024

Home life is supposed to be easier than this, isn't it? Sadly, your week could start with trouble on the home front. Just make sure you're super flexible and sensitive around roommates or housemates on Monday and Tuesday. (Fortunately, sensitivity is your secret superpower.) On Wednesday and Thursday, expect to find yourself a bit wishy-washy. That's perfectly okay, but put off any big decisions for at least a couple of days. Embrace your nice side on Friday and Saturday. Look for any chance you can find to help out a pal (or even a stranger). On Sunday, feel free to be a homebody.

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Weekly Love Horoscope

If there's someone you've had your eye on lately, use the twenty-eighth to send a flirty text message or ask them out, as Mercury connects with the sun and Saturn. This is the perfect time to take action toward what you want most, as Mars and Neptune share a minor connection on the same day, and the passionate energy hanging in the air is perfect for heating your love life. Your creative juices will flow. If you have an artistic talent to showcase, now would be the time to display your skills, as it's likely to catch the attention of a few...

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Weekly Work Horoscope

What will you do to move forward, Cancer? Your intuition might be pining when Mercury in Pisces conjuncts the sun in Pisces and Saturn in Pisces on Wednesday, February 28. The conjunctions will encourage you to listen to your inner voice as you consider your professional journey. You may already know why certain opportunities were restricted from you or taken away from you. Since you have already adjusted so many times, you may wonder what is next for you and your career path.  Luckily, these intuitive conjunctions might help you feel hopeful...

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Cancer Daily Dating Horoscope

March 4

Do you feel comfortable moving forward? If you can't answer that question with a yes, it's time for a gut check. If necessary, let it drop or you'll end up full of resentment and fear.

Cancer Monthly Dating Horoscope

Month of March 2024

As you get ready for the spring, it’s important to plant the seeds of romance when Mercury enters Aries on March 9. This is a great time to take the lead in your dating life. Define what you want and go after it. Focus on becoming your best self during the Pisces new moon on the tenth. It will lead...

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