Gemini Weekly Dating Horoscope

Week of July 7, 2024

Spend a few days early this week catching up on your email and other messages. There are more people than you might realize who are waiting for your answer. It will be more fun and interesting than you think. Good energy will flood into your life on Thursday and Friday, so much so that you might start to feel a little overwhelmed by it all. Take it easy and slow down this weekend so you can recover and try to get your bearings back before Monday.

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Weekly Love Gemini Horoscope

Your ruling planet, Mercury, cozies up in a sextile with Jupiter in your sign, which means you will feel exceedingly cheerful and optimistic. The joy that emanates from you is bound to make you more influential not only to those around you but to what you are attracting into your life being in such a high vibration. You're never one to shy away from a juicy conversation, but you'll find yourself more prone to listening with better conversational balance than usual. Jupiter is in your sign on the twelfth, and it is a great time for social...

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Weekly Work Gemini Horoscope

Accept that you want something different, Gemini. Take time as you process what you need in your work life to feel secure when Venus in Cancer sextiles Uranus in Taurus on Monday, July 8. You may realize that you need to change your professional agreements to create more stability. It could be worthwhile to talk about what you want, like your pay expectations. If not, take the time to gather your thoughts as you consider how you want to implement these changes.  Over the next few days, you may be ready to restructure your career path according...

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Gemini Daily Dating Horoscope

July 19

You're a smart cookie, but that doesn't mean you think you know everything. You're open to other peoples' ideas too, which is why people like talking to you.

Gemini Monthly Dating Horoscope

Month of July 2024

Get ready for some attention, Gemini, because you’re the life of the party when Mercury enters Leo on July 2. Your gift of gab will keep everyone enchanted. Use that skill to charm a lover—or two! Remember to invest your time wisely during the Cancer new moon on the fifth. Don’t let energy vampires...

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