Weekly Flirt

The first half of the week is no time to be solving long math problems or fixing the hard drive on your computer. Tuesday, for instance, would be a good day to eat grapes and read poetry. Actually, you're not going to be in a very disciplined headspace all week. Thursday you're going to plunge into the wild forests of romantic intrigue, and Friday you'll want to listen to music all day and maybe read even more poetry. On Saturday and Sunday, though, you'll be in the mood to put your head down and get serious again. About serious stuff. Your job. Your family. Back to reality.

Many Moons

Make Sex Magic and Embody Desire this Full Moon in Scorpio

This weekend, a full Pink Moon in Scorpio will light up the sky. Many Moons founder Sarah Faith Gottesdiener offers tips for working with the energy of this magical moon.

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