Jun 25, 2018: You're in a good mood this week, but you don't exactly have the energy of a superhero. On Monday you're feeling a lot more like, well, a low battery. Tuesday and Wednesday you might not feel like coming out either, but that's just because you're thinking a lot of things through. By Thursday, once you've done your heavy-duty processing, you'll be more in the mood for hanging out. Select people you have a natural connection with -- you don't have time to waste on aloof types right now. Saturday morning you're going to awake with the kind of energy you've lacked all week. Hooray! Who's up for adventure?

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How Will Neptune Retrograde in Pisces Affect Me?

The planet of illusion stations retrograde in dreamy, empathetic Pisces on June 22, 2018, and stays there for a little over five months. Find out what this means for you with these horoscopes!

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