capricorn Yearly Love Horoscope for 2021

Year of 2021

As the year kicks off, your standards in matters of the heart will be elevated, as the sun in Capricorn prompts you to analyze your own self-worth and leave behind those who can't appreciate you for the glorious Goat you are! Pluto will have an influence on this as well, causing you to analyze your shadow and take steps toward a more positive path. That doesn't mean you'll be alone, though, since Venus moves into Capricorn on January 8, bringing love potential your way!

The power of attraction: With no fewer than three Venus/Pluto conjunctions in your zodiac sign of Capricorn this year, you’ve got it! Venus and Pluto align once at the beginning of 2021 (January 28) and twice at the end (December 11 and 25). And in between, your values and desires will be undergoing a kind of metamorphosis. Your appearance may transform as well, in ways that are more than just “skin deep.” So remember, your powers of attraction and influence are extremely strong this year. So be conscious of how you’re using them!

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