leo Yearly Love Horoscope for 2022

Year of 2022

Your secret’s out, Leo. You love to be adored! Will you be lucky enough to be with someone who pays you that important attention and satisfies all your desires this year? Keep reading to find out!

Passionate, sexy Mars is partnered with fellow fire sign Sagittarius to start the year, so love is one big adventure. Meeting new people when you travel could lead to some super fun romance, but turning flings into long-distance relationships isn’t likely. Sharing a good time with someone in a faraway place isn’t the same as trying to make it work on an everyday basis, especially when you live miles apart.

You may get a little more serious about finding true love when powerful Mars spends time in dedicated, focused earth sign Capricorn from the end of January through early March, though, at which point you might think about settling down and looking more seriously at your long-term romantic goals. Having fun is fine, Leo, but where would you like to be a year from now? or five? The dedicated energy of Mars in Capricorn helps

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