libra Yearly Love Horoscope for 2022

Year of 2022

You’re a peacekeeper at heart, and you’ll often do almost anything to avoid a conflict in your love life. Can taking your typical graceful, nonconfrontational approach to your romantic relationships pay off in 2022? Yes, Libra. Just make sure your own desires, wants, and needs aren’t ignored.

Lovely Venus heading retrograde in serious Capricorn at the start the year is a signal to think about your romantic goals and priorities and what you truly value most in life. It’s never too late to rekindle a past relationship, Libra, or to forgive, forget, and totally move on.

No matter what your heart is experiencing or what you plan on doing, you’re feeling very disciplined, so this is a great time to develop realistic plans for the year. You can have the love life you always dreamed of. You just have to nail down some of the details.

When passionate Mars leaves strict Capricorn for quirky Aquarius in early March, you should start to really enjoy your independent side. You also have some interesting and possibly eccentric tastes in potential partners for the next several weeks, so accept invitations from people you might not usually want to date.

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