sagittarius Yearly Love Horoscope for 2021

Year of 2021

The year may start off with a bit of confusion. You may feel unsure of what you want in matters of the heart, or how to move forward in romance. Lucky for you, it's unlikely that you'll agonize over this for long, as the first part of the year finds you more focused on your own needs and how to get ahead financially. Use this time to show yourself some love. If you're single, anything you do now in the name of self-improvement is sure to attract superior lovers in the future. If otherwise coupled, the lifestyle improvements you make now can move you toward a more secure future that is beneficial to both of you.

Relationships are our greatest teachers. And with the north node in Gemini, opposing your zodiac sign of Sagittarius, that’s especially true for you this year. You’ve mastered being a “me,” but your next lesson is how to be part of a “we.” Free spirits like you are often wary of getting tied down. But with the right person, love can be a wild adventure, and that will most likely be the case for you in 2021 when it comes to love!

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