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Pisces Weekly Dating Horoscope

Week of June 9, 2024

If you have to work on Monday, expect conflict with coworkers or even customers who think they're entitled to everything you've got. Leave it all behind you and do your own thing for a few days. Try not to worry about the consequences. These people can take care of themselves just fine. Money issues could pop up this weekend, but the less you dwell on them, the better off you'll be. Try to lie low on Sunday. Just enjoy the good energy that's welling up inside of you.

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Weekly Love Horoscope

This is a week where love and romance can be quite a beautiful experience—even if you do feel lost in the fray when the sun squares Neptune on June 9. Friendships and those you value prove themselves to be equally loyal to you as you are to them. Try not to avoid feeling the emotions of the ride, as you will never be alone. Yes, the energy is intense, but it means you can fully appreciate those who have always been there for you.  The lessons of change are the most important. Mercury aspects Saturn on June 12, creating a bit of tension for...

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Weekly Work Horoscope

Your voice will be impassioned this week, Pisces. Everyone will want to hear what you have to say or read what you have written after Mars enters Taurus on Sunday, June 9. The Martian energy will give your voice a charming edge. You may feel more self-assured when asserting your options, ideas, and more in the workplace. As a result, this could be helpful if you strive to be heard by your coworkers or clients. Just make sure you take note of your tone, turf, and timing to avoid potential debates.  Something that may initially come up in your...

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Pisces Daily Dating Horoscope

June 18

You have friends in high places, and you always thought that one day you'd have to call on them for a favor. Well, today a big shot friend of yours is going to need something from you. What a coup!

Pisces Monthly Dating Horoscope

Month of June 2024

Start summer by developing emotional stability for yourself when Mercury enters Cancer on June 3. This isn’t the time for hot/cold love affairs as you seek something steady and fulfilling. When all else fails, ask your family for dating advice during the Gemini new moon on the sixth. They might...

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