Weekly Finstrology Update for January 22: Brand New Day

January 21, 2024

All times Eastern.

Thanks to significant planetary shifts over the weekend, this week’s trading could begin with a brand-new feel and focus. On Saturday, the sun and Pluto each entered the sign of Aquarius, bringing attention to new perspectives and new technologies. The brightness is enhanced because Mercury left its retrograde shadow on Sunday and is now traveling new territory.

Monday’s exuberance could turn more sober on Tuesday when money planet Venus enters Capricorn, forcing attention on financial conservatism and budgets. On the upside, Mars ends its month-long out-of-bounds stint and can now be counted on to take expected actions rather than unexpected ones.

The S&P 500 could be under significant pressure January 23-25 as first-trade Uranus is opposed by the sun and Pluto and squared by Jupiter throughout. On Thursday’s full moon in Leo, the moon will conjoin Uranus for a final burst of energy. Look for support near the early January low of 4682.

Markets on the Move

TTC The Toro Company

As the country digs out from winter snowstorms, it might be a BOSS snowplow doing the heavy lifting. The Michigan-based company, founded in 1985 to provide equipment to snow and ice removal professionals and individuals, was acquired by The Toro Company in 2014. 

Toro was founded on July 10, 1914, in Minnesota to build engines for farm tractors, but it made a name for itself with golf course mowers in the ’20s to ’40s before expanding into residential lawn mowers and snow blowers. Now, it has more than a dozen brands of outdoor equipment in its corporate portfolio.

The company’s stock was listed on September 6, 1978. Its first-trade moon and Venus are both at 29 degrees Libra, with Pluto at 15 degrees Libra and Mars at 21 degrees Libra. These four planets are most connected to the 1914 founding horoscope — forming a grand trine with the 1914 moon/Jupiter and Saturn/Pluto conjunctions — rather than incorporation charts from 1935 in Minnesota or 1983 in Delaware. Indeed, major transiting aspects to the first-trade moon/Venus have appeared at both significant highs and lows over the last 20 years. 

Prices could peak on January 24 as the moon and Mars each square first-trade Pluto, while Mercury is in a partile trine to the first-trade sun. A month later, on February 28, look for another peak as the sun, Mercury, and Saturn — all at nine degrees Pisces — oppose the first-trade sun and Saturn. 

The stock’s Libra stellium is activated on February 9 for a potential low when the sun and moon trine natal Mars and Pluto, while Venus makes a partile square to Mars. At the same time, transiting Mars squares the important moon/Venus conjunction. The connections between transiting and first-trade planets on March 8 could produce either a high or a low. Notably, the transiting moon, Venus, and Mars are trining their first-trade positions. In addition, the first-trade sun receives an opposition from the sun and a trine from Jupiter.

Weekly Highlights

  • Crude Oil Low on Monday, January 22 — The sun is partile squaring the market’s first-trade moon and Saturn (with Pluto also in a tight square) while Venus is partile conjunct first-trade Neptune at the same time the moon opposes it. Support could appear just under $69 per barrel, basis March futures.
  • 10-yr. T-note Low on Monday, January 22 — The sun and Pluto form a grand trine with the market’s first-trade Mars and Mercury, an aspect that favors important lows in price (highs in interest rates). Look for support near 110-160, basis March futures.
  • Gold High on Tuesday, January 23 — The important Capricorn stellium of sun, Mercury, and Venus is activated from several directions. Transiting Mercury and Mars conjoin the first-trade sun and Mercury while the moon opposes them. Meanwhile, Jupiter trines the first-trade sun while Uranus trines natal Mercury and Venus. Resistance could appear near $2050 per oz., then near $2080 in February futures.
  • Euro FX Low on Thursday, January 25 — First-trade Mercury is in the spotlight, with transiting Jupiter conjunct, the sun square, and Venus trine. Support in March futures could appear near the early December low of 1.0770.
  • Soybeans Low on Thursday, January 25 — The full moon axis squares the market’s sensitive Venus/Uranus opposition, while Jupiter is aligned with first-trade Uranus. Watch for a test of the mid-January low at $12.03 per bu., basis March futures.

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