Weekly Finstrology Update for November 6: Energy Shifts Abound

November 4, 2023

More than “fall back” time shifts occur this week to bring energy shifts as Saturn turns direct in motion and both Mercury and Venus change signs. 

After having been retrograde since mid-June, Saturn’s direct-motion status on Saturday, November 4 provides forward-moving energy, especially for long-term projects. It will exactly conjoin the S&P 500’s first-trade Mercury on Monday, while the transiting sun trines its natal position, both of which could set a low and spur the market higher. Also supportive is a trine between money planet Venus and power planet Pluto.  

Venus enters its ruling sign of Libra on Wednesday at 4:20 am. Interestingly, that also is the day that marks the midpoint between the fall equinox and winter solstice, a time that legendary trader W.D. Gann watched for a potential change of trend. Watch for a low in the Nasdaq-100 on Thursday when the moon and Venus are both opposite the market’s Venus/Mars conjunction, as well as trine its natal Mercury. 

Mercury, ruler of trading, enters Sagittarius at 1:25 am Friday. But before it leaves Scorpio, it aspects the three most outer planets: (1) opposite Uranus on Saturday, November 4 for unexpected weekend news; (2) trine Neptune on Tuesday for trading confusion; and (3) sextile Pluto on Thursday for powerful messages. After it enters Sagittarius, the sign of its detriment, Mercury immediately squares Saturn for a double dose of truthful scrutiny.

Markets on the Move

ODFL Old Dominion Freight Line

One of the oldest freight truck companies, Old Dominion, is reaping the benefits from competitor Yellow Freight’s bankruptcy in August. The company already had doubled its marketshare in the last decade and is in a bidding war for Yellow’s 170 truck terminals that is set to be auctioned by end-November.

Old Dominion was incorporated on January 10, 1950 in Virginia, but did not list its stock (ticker ODFL) until October 24, 1991. The first-trade chart is a beauty. The moon, Venus and Neptune are all at 14 degrees of the earth signs in a grand trine, with Mercury opposite the moon in a kite formation. 

The stock tends to rally or form a top when this grand trine is activated by planets transiting 14 degrees of Taurus, Virgo or Capricorn. Indeed, its record high on September 1, 2023 at $438.05 had Jupiter conjunct the moon, as well as the transiting sun conjunct first-trade Jupiter. The next time Jupiter connects with the grand trine planets is March 16-19, 2024. 

Look for potential lows on November 13 and December 18, when first-trade Pluto receives conjunctions from the sun, moon and Mars, then Venus, respectively. A high could occur on December 5, when Venus is partile conjunct ODFL’s sun, with the transiting moon conjunct natal Venus. Another potential high is on January 18, 2024, when Mars and Mercury conjoin first-trade Uranus while the sun and Saturn conjoin natal Saturn.

Weekly Highlights

  • Gold Low on Monday, November 6—The sun, Mars and Mercury traveling trio is sextile the market’s natal sun, Mercury, Venus stellium while transiting Jupiter trines the first-trade sun. In December futures, watch $1933 per oz. for significant support.
  • Euro FX Low on Thursday, November 9—First-trade Mars receives a conjunction from Uranus and an opposition from Mercury and Mars. The moon and Venus form a grand trine with the market’s natal sun and Neptune. Watch 1.0560 for support in December futures.
  • 10-yr. T-note High on Thursday, November 9—The moon and Venus are aligned with the sensitive first-trade Mars/Venus opposition. In addition, the market’s natal sun receives a conjunction from Jupiter and an opposition from the sun. Watch the mid-October high at 108-160, basis December futures, for resistance.

All times Eastern.

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