Weekly Horoscope for April 30: Respect Your Shadow

April 30, 2023

Destiny continues to summon you forth. As you proceed through the week, you’ll feel an intense, fiery energy consume you. A lunar eclipse in Scorpio arrives on May 5, like a volcano set to erupt. Lunar eclipses are often highly emotional, signaling major turning points and endings in our lives. Since the end of 2021, we have experienced eclipses on the Taurus-Scorpio axis, and this will bring the final one in the zodiac sign of the scorpion. Prepare for breakthroughs, achievements, breakdowns, or separations near this time — especially regarding the themes that Scorpio rules: sex, trust, vulnerability, trauma, wealth, investments, and rebirth.


I am a phoenix, ready to be reborn into the light. I embrace my shadow and fire to release what is no longer serving me.


This week’s powerful lunar eclipse will bring highly-charged energy to navigate for all zodiac signs. Still, three zodiac signs will likely feel the most intense life changes: Taurus, Leo, and Aquarius. While these changes will likely bring a sharp turning point in their lives, it is ultimately propelling them into the next era of their lives. For Tauruses, they will experience tremendously important transitions around their relationships, whether in business or love. Leos, however, will witness highly emotional endings and transformations around home or family. Last, Aquarians may see a sudden new horizon concerning their legacy or professional lives.



The truth in your relationships will be here to face this week, Aries. If going through a divorce or settlement, it may now be finalized in a highly emotional manner, finally bringing forth the end. With a lunar eclipse roaring from the depths of your solar eighth house of intimacy, you could be facing where you stand in a significant partnership. Yet, if you’re in a healthy connection, you may feel a deep desire to grow closer than ever before.


One of the most important turning points in your lifetime around partnerships has arrived, Taurus. With a lunar eclipse crackling across the sky from you in your solar seventh house of relationships, you are at a make or break point with a significant other in business or love. If you are ready to move to the next level, you may now decide to move in, get engaged, make long-term promises, or even be wed. Yet, if you’re on rocky ground, expect a dramatic and traumatic break-up.


Watch your health this week, Gemini. If you’ve been having challenges around health for quite some time, you may suddenly find the perfect way to proceed better. An intense lunar eclipse will echo in your solar sixth house, either bringing forth news around your physical health, exercise, diet, or routine. However, if you’ve been taking your health for granted, you may now pay a price.


A mighty turning point in regards to matters of the heart will arrive for you this week, Cancer. A lunar eclipse in your solar fifth house of passion will echo like thunder. This could bring an opportunity to grow closer with your sweetheart—or if you or they have been feeling frustration, may signal an explosive ordeal that leaves you both going separately on your ways. If you have children or wish to, very significant news around them could manifest at this time.


A storm has arrived, Leo. This could trigger a sudden move or renovation, or even a shift around real estate matters. Batten down the hatches this week. A lunar eclipse in your solar fourth house of home, family, and domesticity will rock your life. If something dramatic pops up in regards to your kindred or parent, be sure to find your grounding and step up to help those who are in need.


A milestone communication project could be set to launch for you this week, Virgo. As a lunar eclipse in your solar third house of ideas arrives, you could be ecstatic to release a major writing, speaking, advertising, social media, or branding endeavor. If not, you may instead notice that you’re set to sign a very important contract that has long-term effects on your life. Be sure to have an attorney or advisor read the fine print.


Money will be shifting before your very eyes this week, Libra. You may have an opportunity to take on a new job or raise. A lunar eclipse in your solar second house of wealth will rock your life. Money will be coming and going, and you’re set to focus on your budget. However, you’re also just as likely to have a major expense you have to handle at this time too.


One of the most important weeks of your life has arrived, Scorpio. This will likely bring a very significant personal goal, project, or endeavor to culmination. With the lunar eclipse in your zodiac sign — your solar first house of identity — roaring forth, you’ll feel on fire and ready to command the world around you. If a major ending takes place near this time, know that it was destined to do so.


A significant matter concerning your past could erupt in your face this week, Sagittarius. A lunar eclipse in your solar twelfth house of karma will resound with great magnitude. If you’re prone to anxiety, you could feel like your nerves are shot. Hidden enemies or fears could emerge from the depths. This is an ideal time to connect with a counselor, therapist, or guide.


A significant aspiration may now be within reach, Capricorn. This incredible victory could feel like a lifelong achievement as you are lifted up to the stars. A lunar eclipse in your solar eleventh house could bring you a major heartfelt hope or dream. Let friends, followers, fans, and acquaintances celebrate you as you parade forth like the royalty that you are. Know that this glory was destined for you.


A powerful transition in your professional life is here for you to face this week, Aquarius. If you’re on the right track, you’ll see success or public recognition. As the lunar eclipse in your solar tenth house of achievement arrives, you’ll see a significant shift higher or a shocking development that will make you change the direction of your career altogether. You could face the truth that you’re in the wrong industry.


Open your mind, perception, and soul to whatever opportunities arise before you, Pisces. Profound spiritual or intellectual breakthroughs could come your way this week. As the lunar eclipse in your solar ninth house of expansion arrives, you’ll feel ready to charge into newfound territory. If you can set off on a long-distance journey, you may find it one of the most rewarding trips of your life. Soar!