Horoscope Annuel Capricorne

Année 2024

Capricorn, you have a fiery, passionate side that few people see, because on the outside you’re that steady earth sign who rarely lets their true emotions show. With this year’s emphasis on communication, however, your challenge is to show your feelings more often and express what is not only on your mind but also in your heart. Are you up for it?

As a grounded earth sign, you tend to be reserved and calculated when it comes to love, but this year your love life can benefit from you being more outspoken and maybe even changing your overall mindset about love and romance. If your lack of communication has hindered you in the past, this year you should see growth that really benefits your love life. Having the confidence to give your feelings a voice is truly eye-opening and life changing, Capricorn.

Luna is our emotional guide, and her presence in rebellious, nontraditional Aquarius during her new cycle at the start of February can help you start the year not worrying so much about what other people think. This eccentric lunation is the perfect time for you to meet new people and make new contacts. And the best part about getting out of your comfort zone and swimming freely in the dating pool is that even if things don’t work out the way you want or expect, at least you know you tried. And that you can try again with potentially different results next time.

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Horoscope quotidien de l'amour de la Capricorne

26 février

Take a deep breath, Capricorn. Quite positive and productive energy is here for you in the several days ahead. Mental Mercury, the planet of the mind and communication, will grow very close to the sun with each passing day. This will bring you the opportunity to have incredible mental breakthroughs...

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Horoscope hebdomadaire de l'amour du Capricorne

Semaine dus 25 février 2024

The twenty-eighth will be cosmically charged for you, dear Capricorn, and you'll find you're busy throughout the day. Saturn, your ruling planet, will share connections with the sun and Mercury. While you'll be a busy bee on this day, it'll be vital that you remember to nurture and care for your...

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Horoscope mensuel de l'amour du Capricorne

Mois de février 2024

For you, Capricorn, the first major planetary move that affects your love life comes when nurturing asteroid Ceres moves into your first house on February 7 and reminds you to take better care of yourself. If no one else is pampering you, do it yourself! There’s no reason to expect your every need...

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