capricorn Monthly Horoscope for May 2021

Month of May 2021

Creative and Productive

Could you turn a hobby into a business or side hustle? This might be the question that occupies you as the month gets underway. With an emphasis on a dynamic zone, you have everything to play for. Showcase your skills and special talents now because there could be many people who want what you’re offering.

The new moon in this zone on May 11 is the perfect opportunity for a new beginning. Whether you’re eager to break the ice with a love interest, learn a new skill, or take a current hobby to the next level, this is the time to go for it.

On the third, logical Mercury moves into Gemini, followed by sultry Venus five days later and the sun on the twentieth. It’s time to get organized and consider your priorities. You might be drawn to explore many new ideas and opportunities, but if you take on too much you could soon feel overwhelmed. Pick one or two goals and stick with those.

Optimistic Jupiter’s move into Pisces and your sector of communication on May 13 can give your best plans and projects a major boost. It stays here until July 28, and during this time you could have some big ideas that you’re eager to implement. Opportunities might come out of the blue, so make the most of them.

Prudent Saturn, your personal planet, turns retrograde in your money zone on May 23 and remains so until October 10, which could be a call to pare back expenses an

Finally, the supermoon in Sagittarius and a spiritual zone on the twenty-sixth could coincide with an opportunity to develop more of your potential. A fortuitous meeting could be a game-changer in this regard.

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Monthly Love

Your love life is pretty serious at the start of the month, with three celestial bodies—the sun, Venus, and Mercury—all in security-conscious, practical fellow earth sign Taurus. Most romantic endeavors will run smoothly as long as you approach them with common sense and a willingness to be patient.

The sun-Saturn (your ruler) square on May 3 insists on putting problems in your path to see whether or not you’re up to solving them. The joke’s on the universe on this one, though, because when it comes to true love, you stop at nothing...

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Monthly Work

If money hasn’t been flowing into your bank account lately, this month doesn’t promise major changes on the financial front, but it does ensure that the strain can begin to subside. When the Taurus sun squares off with Jupiter in Aquarius on May 3, it can mark the beginning of a change in your luck. A creative and lucrative opportunity could fall in your lap around that time, giving you the chance to plan your financial future.

The fog begins to lift when Jupiter enters Pisces on the thirteenth, urging you to be more proactive about...

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Monthly Dating

If you’re having trouble getting dates, it might be time for a change. Mercury enters Gemini on May 3, encouraging you to think outside the box. Switch dating apps, go to new places, enlist your friends’ help. You’ll start seeing improvements in your love life when Venus enters Gemini on the eighth. This new dating routine may help you meet interesting people.

The best date night is during the Taurus new moon on May 11, encouraging new romance, falling in love, and being creative when it comes to your dates. Going on a hike for a...

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