Capricorn Monthly Horoscope

Month of February 2024

Money and Resources

Fiery Mars will be active in your sign until February 12, Capricorn, lending you courage and vitality. Plus, the first two weeks of this month are great for getting things done and out the way. If you’ve been procrastinating at all, this is an opportunity to get over it.

The sun and potent Pluto are in your sector of money, resources, and skills, with the sun here until the eighteenth. The presence of Pluto here can make you extremely resourceful, and you’ll find ways to make use of your assets to help you move forward. The sun shines a light on underused skills and abilities that you could do more with, whether this means setting up a side hustle or applying for a job that you would be naturally good at.

Other planets will be moving into this zone too. Chatty Mercury enters on February 4, followed by warrior Mars and convivial Venus on February 12 and February 16, respectively. These planets can add a very personal touch to your desire to increase your income and make the most of what you have. Your persuasive power is also a great asset, and this is the time to make use of it.

Don’t be in too much of a hurry at the time of the new moon on the ninth, because it aligns with electric Uranus, and this could find you in an impatient mood and overly eager to initiate new plans. Take your time so you can do some detailed research and iron out any flaws. You won’t regret it.

When the sun glides into Pisces and your communication zone on February 18, you might feel more enthusiastic about projects that require some effort to get them finished. Look at ways to work smarter rather than harder and you’ll soon get them done.

Finally, the full moon in Virgo on the twenty-fourth can highlight an opportunity that has been hiding in plain sight. Once you see it, you’ll be ready to give it a go.

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