Mars-Saturn conjunctions like the one on April 2 can be tricky to navigate, but because both planets are in your steady, practical sign, it lessens this aspect’s negative energy. You have the right tools to make it through tough terrain, and your tendency to rely on common sense helps you avoid unnecessary drama.

A sun-moon square on the eighth brings emotions to the surface, and while you’re usually pretty good at staying calm, encountering the wrong person at the wrong time could trigger an illogical response. It’s good that the moon is in your solid sign, because this could be a much more turbulent scene otherwise.

The sun moves into stable Taurus on April 19, where it will stay for the next month. Because the Bull is good with finances, this is an ideal time to explore retirement accounts, savings plans, real estate, or any other investments that have steady long-term growth potential. Jealousy could be an increasing concern now, too, which can be puzzling to people who view you as someone who has it all. Once you figure out the factors behind your feelings, they should be easier to overcome.

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