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Année 2024

Taurus, your sign’s claim to zodiac fame is that you’re loyal, responsible, and, okay, more than a little bit stubborn, but 2023 was a learning year, and you’re a lot wiser than you were then. And Saturn’s transit of your social eleventh house this year offers a bit of a break from “have to” and switches gears to “want to” for a change, which opens you up to new and diverse opportunities in 2024.

You’ll spend a lot of time exploring your hopes and aspirations now, and as your personal plans fall under Saturn’s wise scrutiny, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to discover how you fit into situations where you have to work in a group or as part of a team. This includes your circle of friends, so be prepared to zero in on this area of your life with intent and purpose.

From late April to late May is a special time, of course, as you welcome in your birthday month and get an extra boost of the methodical responsibility and steady predictability that earth signs like you are known and respected for. If we know you, Taurus, you’ve probably saved up a good chunk of cash to make sure you celebrate your special day in style and luxury. Have a great time indulging and toasting your fabulous self.

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Amour 2024

You indulge your passions and desires, so you spare no expense when it comes to love and romance this year. With love goddess Venus as your cosmic leader, you’re a fantastic lover and love being in love. Even though life will offer its share of difficulties in 2024, you refuse to lose faith in love.

Your lovely leader Venus is in fiery Sagittarius to start the year, inviting you to embrace the adventurous side of love and dating. You’ll be looking for a partner in crime now, someone who wants to travel the world with you and learn...

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Travaux 2024

Financial guru Venus is your planetary leader, so there are a large number of Bulls who attain financial success. Because of that, you often seek high-paying positions instead of careers that are satisfying in other ways. Will your career opportunities in 2024 help you earn what you think you deserve, or will you pursue work that fulfills your soul? Your career landscape looks a little different this year, so keep reading to find out what kinds of changes are on the horizon.

Your work life is highly impacted by the movements and...

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