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Taurus Weekly Dating Horoscope

Week of December 10, 2023

You'll be able to convince anyone that you're telling the truth early this week, so you can sell just about anything to anyone. Everything will go smoothly for you through Thursday at least as the Universe arranges to make all your plans come together. Expect a little teasing early on this weekend as people jealous of what you have try to take you down a little. Ignore them as much as you can, and try to turn your frustration around by Sunday, when someone close will really need you.

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Weekly Love Horoscope

Feelings will be hard to interpret this week as Mercury, the planet of communication, goes retrograde on December 13. Other folks might rub you the wrong way, and there may be some room for you to misinterpret a loving message. Patience is going to be key this week. You are going to need time to understand your significant other's feelings. For my single Taurus, a slow-burning romance is coming to a head. Take the time to get to know this person. Let the love unfold naturally. The new moon on the twelfth is a great time to meditate on the type...

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Weekly Work Horoscope

What could you do next, Taurus? There will be much to consider when Venus in Scorpio sextiles Mercury in Capricorn on Monday, December 11. You may find that there is more talk about the future of your professional commitments and arrangements. Thankfully, this could be the time to set new intentions for your professional arrangements since the new moon in Sagittarius will begin a new six-month cycle on Tuesday, December 12. As the new cycle begins, this could encourage you to be more cautiously optimistic about your financial avenues and...

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Taurus Daily Dating Horoscope

December 9

You're going to be dazzled by someone larger than life, and you should get a lot out of your interactions. It might not lead to anything permanent, but you'll remember it for a long time.

Taurus Monthly Dating Horoscope

Month of December 2023

Don’t miss an opportunity to flirt when Mercury enters Capricorn on December 1. You could meet someone special on your next flight. The start of your own holiday rom-com could be when Venus enters Scorpio on the fourth and “me” slowly turns into “we” under the mistletoe. Your best date night will...

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