Weekly Flirt

There's a lot you'd like to get done this week, but you're hardly sure how to proceed. Decisions aren't coming quickly. On Monday and Tuesday, you'll barely be able to decide which shirt to wear. On Wednesday, the prospect of long-term planning is going to leave you feeling a little anxious. You have friends who'd be happy to help out. At the very least, you should call someone on Thursday and bounce your ideas off them. You'll feel better almost immediately. Your friends are more than just people to go out and do things with. They're also your allies, as you'll be reminded this weekend.

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Many Moons

Make Sex Magic and Embody Desire this Full Moon in Scorpio

This weekend, a full Pink Moon in Scorpio will light up the sky. Many Moons founder Sarah Faith Gottesdiener offers tips for working with the energy of this magical moon.

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