leo Yearly Work Horoscope for 2022

Year of 2022

You love to have a good time, Leo, but you also know when it’s time to dig in and get to work. But putting in the effort it takes to succeed this year is easy when you set your mind to it.

As always, the sun starts the year in the upwardly mobile sign of Capricorn, which puts out a more practical energy than you usually vibe with but is actually an excellent way to start your year. Get serious about your goals now and put some concrete plans in place for what you’d like to accomplish. There is plenty of time for fun and games, Leo, and getting some practical business out of the way early can make you feel responsible in a very grown-up way.

Unpredictable Uranus is traveling in money-savvy Taurus all year, affecting your career on a large scale, especially when it comes to things that aren’t really within your control like downsizing, unexpected layoffs, or company bankruptcies.

With this unstable energy in the air, the chances of finding yourself unemployed are about the same as you unexpectedly being recruited for your dream job, so you really just don’t know what to expect. Opportunity comes when you’re willing to combine your traditional methods with new experimentation, so embrace unexpected changes and make them work in a practical way.

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