Sagittarius Woman: Personality Traits, Love & More

Sagittarius Woman: Overview & Personality Traits

Everyone seems to get along fabulously with these free-spirited bohemians of the zodiac, known for their friendly, easy-going personality and positive outlook on life.

Energetic and excited about life, it’s easy to fall under the spell of the Jupiter-ruled Sagittarius woman. Her smile is magnetic, and her unfussy, hyper-authentic honesty and confidence make it easy to fall for her, or want to be her best friend, or both. The thing is, she’s often everyone’s best friend, and maybe many people’s best girlfriend. Her lovers tend to pine over her long after she’s nimbly trotted away in pursuit of greener pastures – she rarely stays in one place for too long.

New adventures and broader horizons are always calling to this woman with a vagabond soul, whose heart longs to explore terra incognita, new territory populated with new faces, new ideas, and new adventures. This is a liberated woman, who has no time to be held back by outdated gender roles or societal taboos. She does what she wants, when she wants – and she really doesn’t give a damn what you think about it.

A Sagittarius woman is a blast to spend time with – if you can keep up with her, that is. She tends to have a lot going on, all the time.  She honestly means it when she says she’ll make time for you, and she can be a true-blue lover and friend, but try not to take it too personally if she gets caught up in her own whirlwind.

Be patient and trust that the wild Sagittarius wind will blow that fiery filly back your way, one day.


Sagittarius women in love are passionate, energetic, and usually down for pretty much anything. A true force of nature, this lady embodies the characteristics of Artemis the Huntress, running through the woods at top speed, bow and arrows in hand, in hot pursuit of her chosen prey.

The Sagittarius woman is all about the chase, delighting in going after exactly what she wants. She refuses to sit back and wait for someone to approach her; you’ll rarely find her sitting by the phone, wondering if they’ll ever call. Do you think you can keep up with her? Find out about your love compatibility with Sagittarius! A Sagittarius woman is proactive. Happy to take matters into her own hands, she’ll stride across the room to ask for your number.

Some people are put off by her bold and direct ways, but she has zero patience for anyone who can’t keep up with her energy and forthright ways. Unfortunately, some people are intimidated by her power, and can be overwhelmed by her independence. So, despite being universally liked and undeniably attractive, Sagittarius women are often single for years at a stretch – only settling down to really commit to a partner once they’ve truly proven their worth.

Sex with this wild horse woman can be quite an experience – and really only for the brave and athletic lovers. She might keep you up all night, so it may help to do some stretching and calisthenics to build up your stamina! Not too prissy to make love in the back of a truck under the stars, the Sag lover is all about new experiences – especially if she has a story to tell later.
Her exploits in love and sex tend to turn into legendary tales of bravado, danger, and daring – so remember that you (and your performance) may end up in a supporting role somewhere down the line.


The home of a Sagittarius woman is usually a hodgepodge of treasures she’s found on her travels, the artwork of dear friends, and the clothes from her last trip spilling out of her suitcase, still unpacked.

Her living space is usually fairly minimal, simple, and tasteful – with a great eye for one or two pieces such as the perfect rug or a striking painting that can pull the room together. These pieces may travel with her wherever she goes, so whenever you visit her in her next sublet or temporary rental, the place always feels like hers. It’s these classic, bold visual elements that make her home feel bizarrely elegant and worldly – even if her bookshelves are made of cinderblocks and old boards and you’re drinking bodega wine out of jelly jars.

Home is a state of mind for this woman, and she can make any space quickly feel like hers by lighting a few candles on her portable altar and burning her favorite incense. She tends not to get too attached to one place or another, but does prefer to live on the outskirts of town if she can, and even better if her place has an outdoor area and big windows that show an expansive view.

The Sagittarius mom is rarely slowed down by her little ones – they come with her wherever she goes, and don’t be surprised if they took their first steps in Mongolia or have been speaking a foreign tongue from a young age. A warm, affectionate lover of silliness and irreverence, this fire sign mother shares her passion with her kids, but also teaches them to not take life too seriously.

Sag moms will find a way to raise their progeny outside the norm, and encourage them to be free-thinking truth-seekers – just like mama.


Work is an adventure for a Sagittarius woman, who loves to throw herself into endeavors she’s passionate about, full-steam ahead – especially if her field involves art, nature, or social justice.

This dauntless personality loves grand, sweeping gestures, and will put all of her energy into big projects – especially if they have characteristics that contribute to the greater good.

Sagittarius women are honest, conscientious, and dedicated to the work that they do. They can be counted on to do a fantastic job. She can be trusted with sensitive matters, security, and money – and she’ll be punctual and show up to get the job done when she says she will.

That being said, the deadlines she agrees to can come back to bite her horse’s rump. She has a marked tendency to sign up for way too much and, though she’ll scramble to make it happen, she might burn herself out in the process.

Sagittarius women tend to fly by the seat of their pants financially – they never really seem to save, but always manage to have just enough to squeak by. When it comes to travel, they’ll always find a way to board that plane or bus, and definitely grasp that experiences will make them richer than piles of fancy stuff. Living simply and utilizing their funds for what really matters is Sagittarius trait – and they’ll donate their last dollar to someone who needs it more.

Jupiter will soon smile on them, and they’ll be flush again before you know it.


Sagittarian women love nothing more than a gift with a wild story attached to it. Make up something if you have to, but whatever object you wrap lovingly and put in their hot little hand, you’d best have crafted some yarn about how it came from your great-great-grandfather’s pirate ship, or from the ruins of an opium den decimated by the San Francisco earthquake. It could have happened that way… right?

These women love using their imaginative traits and envisioning realities and eras beyond the current moment. Find a magical object that looks like it was found in a Moroccan souk or Hong Kong night market and you’ll enchant your Sag lady with your inventiveness. Get her something from the airport gift store in Nebraska, and you may see her turn up her nose and stifle a yawn.

Sag’s personal style is usually a potpourri of high-brow and casual – she’s the kind of woman who can stride into an exclusive private club glistening with perspiration and smelling like hay from working with horses all day, but somehow she manages to appear simply glowing and healthy rather than disheveled. She might be wearing a heirloom piece of jewelry with her riding jodhpurs or jeans that creates a pleasing juxtaposition of elegant and sporty.

The Sagittarius version of casual is never boring – even when dressed practically and comfortably, this dazzling woman never fails to make an impression.

If you can, surprise this world traveler with tickets to an exotic vacation. Choose a location that hasn’t become overrun with tourists, ideally somewhere most people have never even imagined visiting – so she’ll have plenty of exciting stories to share when you return home.