Libra Yearly Horoscope

Year of 2024

There’s real work involved if you want to learn and grow from your love journey this year, Libra, but you know more than most that all work and no play isn’t what love is all about! This year, the balance your sign represents will be even more important than ever, so for every minute you spend putting in the work, make sure there’s an equal minute of fun.

Remember that we talked about the danger of falling into a rut with your friendships this year? Well, the same applies to your love life. Luckily, your lovely leader Venus is in experimental Aquarius from mid-February to mid-March, which is a very exciting time in your love life. Unexpected events and encounters with unusual people are the norm now, which keeps you on your toes and guessing what might happen next. This airy transit gives you the go-ahead to open your mind and explore the unknown, and a curious Gemini or fiery Sagittarius might be the perfect match for you now.

When we look at optimistic Jupiter this year, we see that it’s partnered with headstrong earth sign Taurus and your eighth house of sex and death. Sounds dramatic, right?! This mind-expanding transit is about power, control, and the need to stop being stubborn so that you can let go of some of the things that have been stopping you from starting a new relationship. Getting into some deep issues from your past is inevitable now, Libra, because serious soul-searching leads to revealing past trauma and heartbreak, which can support important healing and growth.

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