Libra Yearly Horoscope

Year of 2024

While you usually strive to be as accommodating and pleasant as possible at work, this year is a little different, Libra. Yes, your basic personality stays the same, of course, but with ambitious Saturn in your solar sixth house, you’ll be prioritizing things like staying organized and finding more efficient ways to do your job. Recognizing the problems areas that have been holding you back so you can make necessary adjustments is invaluable to getting further ahead this year.

Saturn in Pisces and your sixth house sees to it that you really get your sh*t together this year. This is the time to get into healthy new work routines that will help you feel better about your workspace, yourself, and your career in general. If you’re unhappy with your job and looking for an overall change, this isn’t the time to just grab anything that comes along. Look at potential job offers with a critical eye and evaluate every detail about making a switch, Libra, because 2024 isn’t your year for job hopping. When and if you do decide to make a change, be sure it’s one that reflects your values and has long-term potential.

Unpredictable Uranus loves to instigate change and stir up rebellion, but because it’s paired with earth sign Taurus and your eighth house of transformation again all year, this steady transit underscores the importance of patience regarding career changes. Everything regarding your job (including getting one that you really want) won’t always work out the way you hope, but just knowing you stayed focused and didn’t give up is reassuring.

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