Weekly Finstrology Update for June 27: New Moon and Jupiter Expand the Feels

June 24, 2022

Wednesday, June 29 is the most interesting astrological day for the markets this week because of the planetary activity that occurs after Tuesday’s closing bell. Most notable is the new moon in Cancer at 10:52 p.m. ET on Tuesday, which makes a 90-degree square to Jupiter in Aries

The new moon in Cancer is all about setting intentions that revolve around providing security and protection. Although the luminaries are square Jupiter, that isn’t a bad thing. Indeed, they can find the challenge to be more benefic almost too overwhelming (as if that’s a bad thing). Supporting this lovefest is Venus making an opportunistic sextile to Jupiter, also in Tuesday’s overnight trading hours, which could bring a lovely boost to market energy and a positive reaction to the U.S. GDP report on Wednesday. Note that the S&P 500 could have made a high on Monday, based on transits to its first-trade horoscope, which could be revisited on Wednesday.

Watch for significant long-term shifts in both crude oil prices and inflation after their ruler, Neptune, turns retrograde in motion on Tuesday, June 28. This change of motion by Neptune could precipitate a change in trend so that both oil and inflation levels moderate for the next several months. Neptune turns direct on December 4. Be attuned to Neptune’s shift and whether it boosts the U.S. Consumer Confidence Index shown in Tuesday’s report from The Conference Board or tempers reaction to it.  

One of the most dramatic change of trends in the crude oil market occurred during the 2008 Neptune retrograde (see chart below). Crude oil futures prices were at $133.65 per barrel when the retrograde began on May 26. After an initial drop of about $10, prices rallied to an all-time high of $147.27 on July 11. By the time Neptune turned direct on October 27, prices had fallen by more than 50 percent, to $61.30. 

Also note on the chart the importance of the Venus price conversion levels, calculated by converting the zodiac position of Venus in the first-trade horoscope to price. The record high stopped just $1.03 short of the Venus level of $148.30. Current prices are struggling to climb above the Venus level of $112.30, with the nearby August futures contract falling through it on June 17.

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As the trading week wraps up, some feisty planetary energy is building before the long holiday weekend that provides a better-than-usual reason to tidy up any positions by Friday. The dominant energy is a Mars/Pluto square that becomes exact Friday evening and could create a power struggle during the week’s final trading hours. Mars is strong in its ruling sign of Aries so is willing to take on the power play coming from Pluto in Capricorn. The mash-up could put pressure the market and take no prisoners.

Holiday Trading Hours

The U.S. stock market will be closed on Monday, July 4 for the Independence Day holiday. However, several futures and options markets will open for trading at CME Group on Sunday at their regular times for trade date July 5, then halt at midday Monday before resuming at their normal times on Monday afternoon. These markets include equity products, interest rates and energies. Currencies and cryptocurrencies halt on Monday at 5 p.m. ET before reopening an hour later. Grain and livestock markets are closed from Friday afternoon until their regular opening times on Tuesday, July 5.

Markets on the Move

RDFN Redfin Corp.

This online real estate brokerage, which began trading in 2017, has been in steady decline since hitting its all-time high of $98.44 on Feb. 22, 2021 when Saturn opposed its first-trade sun and Mars. On June 16, it set its all-time low of $7.13, marking a 93 percent decline. 

RDFN might come under a bit more pressure heading into the July 4 holiday weekend. But, watch for a boost of energy that could establish a low on Friday, July 1. That’s when transiting Mars conjoins the stock’s first-trade Uranus—a combination that can get fireworks started pretty much anytime; it is exact on July 2. Other transits to the first-trade horoscope on Friday that could give a boost to prices include: (1) moon conjunct sun; (2) Mercury conjunct Venus; (3) Venus trine moon; (4) sun conjunct midheaven; and (5) Uranus partile trine Pluto. 

By the end of July, the rally might have run its course. Watch Thursday, July 28—the stock’s 2022 solar return—because the new moon in Leo that day is in the same degree as the first-trade sun and Mars. Like any birthday, it could be a time of maximum delight. 

RMAX RE/MAX Holdings

This more traditional real estate brokerage franchisor began trading in 2013 and hits its all-time high of $67.50 in October 2017, declining to its all-time low of $14.40 in the Covid-induced decline of March 2020. 

Watch for a price high and a potentially volatile trading day on Friday, July 8. The high price could come from the sun’s conjunction with first-trade Jupiter. Volatility could arise from the stock’s first-trade Mercury (trading activity) getting emotional stimulation from a conjunction with the transiting moon and actions being taken from an opposition by Mars. Also, transiting Mercury completes a grand trine with the stock’s first-trade Mercury and Neptune. The $25 area appears to be an important support/resistance level. 

ITB iShares U.S. Home Construction ETF

This exchange-traded fund seeks to track the Dow Jones U.S. Select Home Construction Index, representing 47 companies in the home construction sector. It has roughly followed the stock market’s path, bottoming at $6.33 in March 2009 following the Great Recession and rising to its all-time high in December 2021 at $83.43. It since has fallen 42 percent to a June 17 low of $48.02.

ITB began trading on May 5, 2006, and the high set at $62.60 a day before its 2022 solar return looks like it could be as good as it gets for awhile. Especially bullish for prices that day was transiting Venus partile conjunct first-trade Venus; the other benefic, Jupiter, also was conjunct. Also that day, both the sun and Uranus were partile conjunct the ETF’s first-trade sun; transiting Mars was conjunct first-trade Uranus

The first-trade horoscope is strong and boasts a kite formation that is anchored by a grand trine in Water among Mars, Jupiter and Uranus. The sun opposite Jupiter creates the kite tail. Watch for a potential low on July 26 when Mars, Uranus and the North Node could spark the sun by conjunction, while the moon the Venus are aligned with first-trade Mars and trine the other two grand trine legs. This is the first day of the Fed’s two-day meeting to discuss interest rates and quantitative easing, and the Mars/Uranus/North Node combination could bring economic upset to pressure prices.  

Weekly Highlights

Crude Oil

Transiting Jupiter is within two degrees of the crude oil’s first-trade sun from June 26 through August 30, keeping support under the market because prices can find lows with a Jupiter/sun conjunction. Watch for market support on Monday, June 27. By the end of the week, however, prices could peak on Thursday, June 30 as the moon comes into square the market’s first-trade Mars and Pluto.


Watch for a high in soybeans on Monday, June 27 as both the moon and Mercury are exactly conjunct the market’s first-trade moon, just one day ahead of the new moon in Cancer. The soybean market is particularly sensitive to both the new and full moons.

Euro FX

This currency could make a low on Tuesday, June 28 when money planet Venus is exactly opposite its first-trade Pluto


Four transits to bitcoin’s first-trade horoscope call for a high on Wednesday, June 29. The sun and moon are trine to first-trade Venus, while transiting Venus is square. Also, Mercury squares first-trade Uranus.

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