Venus Trine Moon

Venus Trine Moon Natal

Being born with the moon trine Venus, you are someone who understands how to attract your desires into your life and nurture whatever or whomever you love. You experience an easy flow between your emotional expression and your ability to identify and form caring relationships with whatever you find attractive or valuable. Embrace your talent for nurturing and harmonizing with the emotional needs of others, for you can be successful in anything that draws on this strength of yours. Maintaining your relationships is an important aspect of your life that gives you a feeling of stability. You are valued by your friends for your ability to be a supportive and enlivening presence in their life. You have a strong sense of style and aesthetics, and are able to harmonize the way you present yourself to the world with your inner emotional and imaginal life. This helps you attract relationships and opportunities that align with your inner values.  

Venus Trine Moon Transit

This trine between transiting Venus and your natal moon stimulates your creativity and sense of aesthetics. You will enjoy mixing and blending elements together in creative processes. This can be a good time for any sort of artistic or creative expression, from music and the performing arts to more solitary pursuits like writing. Due to feeling a strong sense of harmony today, you may feel drawn toward rearranging or redecorating your home or work environment, or dressing with more attention to style. You will tend to feel optimistic and hopeful today in a way that can make a positive, inspiring impression on others. As a result, you may want to plan activities during this transit in which you need to relate to others in an uplifting and supportive manner. You may feel more social than normal, and so by seeking activities aligned with your interests, you can meet new people who share your values. Within your relationships, you will feel an ease in expressing your emotional needs and feelings. You will also be more receptive to finding ways to mediate conflict and bring people and ideas together. You may feel like doing something extravagant for loved ones or something special for yourself, like cooking a fancy meal for a dinner party or making a luxurious bath to relax in.

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