Moon Conjunct Sun

Moon Conjunct Sun Natal

Having the moon conjunct the sun in your natal chart means you were born around the time of a new moon. The moon is dark with no reflected light during a new moon, symbolizing a more instinctive nature that will respond impulsively from hidden, subconscious sources. You are more likely to react decisively from an intuitive sense rather than spending time over-analyzing and rationalizing a situation. You can grasp a vision of a path to follow without the need for external validation and support. Others may not understand, at times, your thought process and how or why you have made the choices you have made. You can come off to others as being more independent due to being able to make your own decisions based upon internal reflection. You may not always be completely clear about the full meaning of what you initiate at the beginning of the process, but once you begin to take action, you can learn from the experience of what you have set in motion, gaining clarity through engagement

Moon Conjunct Sun Transit

When the transiting moon conjuncts your natal sun, it’s an excellent time to gather resources to support the central purpose of your life. You may notice a new opportunity available to pursue that will lead to greater accomplishment in the public or that deepens your understanding of an important focus in your life. You may also discover something that inspires a new idea or that will provide nourishment for your core vitality. Create space for self-reflection in order to assess your life in terms of not only career but also your health and relationships. This is a good day to take note of the current goals you are working on and reflect upon your current state of progress. It can also be an auspicious time to prioritize goals and examine how you are using your time in pursuit of goals to make better use of your available time and energy. If you get the feeling today that things are not working optimally, it’s an excellent time to use self-reflection to make modifications as needed.

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