Mars Conjunct Uranus

Mars Conjunct Uranus Natal

You find that danger, innovation, and speed have an allure that’s hard to resist. You want to break free of all bounds and almost anything that doesn't strike you as original or unusual feels like a drag. You don't want to live or act like everyone else, and few will be able to convince you of otherwise. If life can't be lived as an original, then it's probably not worth living. Of course, that puts an immense amount of pressure on you and those you love because you feel must go full throttle all the time. You can't tell the difference between boredom and contentment. Life would be fine for you to live at the speed of light if you were only a creature of light. But as a person of flesh and blood, you might need to learn how to live more comfortably with frequent flashes of brilliance and boldness rather than expect it all the time.

Mars Conjunct Uranus Transit

You have a need for speed that, if you're not used to it, might prompt you to have more accidents than usual. Even if doing things fast is routine for you, you perhaps seek to push the envelope of moving about and accomplishing things that are a rush for you. This might strike others as stressful. And probably you are reacting to a stress that's been taxing you for a long time, and now you're breaking free however you can. You want more of a new life and to do it in completely new ways. You're primed to rebel against the rhythm of your life because you want to feel more your own originality and essence. Better to pick up the tempo. But it might not be prudent to change too much at once, as you’ll end up creating noise rather than marching to the new tune that you crave and deserve now.  

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