Jupiter Conjunct Sun

Jupiter Conjunct Sun Natal

Generally, you feel great, and you look to share this greatness and goodness with others. Yet, there are many ways to define “great” or “good,” and you're willing to roll with the definition that helps you weave the best story you want to tell the world. That doesn't necessarily mean you're prone to lying. Your pursuit of greatness does come from a deep appreciation and awe for the grandeur and majesty of life. Even when things appear not to be going well for you, you often see a golden lining around every dark cloud. You know the sun is still shining, in your sky and in your heart, so you want to convey that awe in how you tell a story and how you live your life. But your philosophical and adventurous approach doesn't like to be constrained by any moralistic judgments of good or bad (except your own). That's when you can easily lapse into arrogance, honoring no code but yours.

Jupiter Conjunct Sun Transit

You may feel endowed with great luck and fortune. Of course, you could spend all this greatness on lottery tickets and trips to the casino. But there's so much more you can enjoy during this transit. For starters, you can use this as auspicious timing to study a subject that broadens and enriches your mindset (like, say, astrology). Similarly, enjoying the company of foreigners or traveling to new places or countries is well-favored now. You want to experience more of what the world has to offer. You're also inclined to be more charitable with your time and money. One hazard is that, because you feel great and magnanimous, you might only see your own good side. You may turn a blind eye to how you can come off as condescending or arrogant. You perhaps are so impressed with your own merits that you fail to appreciate what others do.

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