Mars Square Pluto

Mars Square Pluto Natal

You live to dive into the heart of life and know your own better. This perhaps leads you to have a running series of obsessions and compulsions with various people, things, and activities. You have a lot of energy to burn, and you're more than willing to put your all into something worthy enough of it. But woe until those people and things who somehow fail in their worthiness! Then they're liable to face your wrath and your passion becomes more like a fiery dragon coiled at the bottom of a murky ocean. You perhaps have great reason to fear that wrathful dragon, because you're not sure what it could do to you or others who cross you. You do have to let it up for air, though. You might be surprised to see that your rage can take flight and use its great power when you trust it to do something extraordinary.

Mars Square Pluto Transit

You're plunged into the depths of a maelstrom of activity and feeling, and it might take you a little time to figure which side is up and out. Perhaps the best course of action is to embrace the mystery of it all and know that with endurance, energy, and focus that you'll weather the storm. But if you let fear take hold of you now, you'll likely stumble along angry and frustrated with yourself and most people around you. Your problem-solving prowess is likely remarkable now. You probably spot a lot to fix, but focusing on blame will only distract you. What you must keep tapped into is the great passion that roils in your heart to get at the bottom of whatever seems troubling to you now. Don't spend too much of this precious energy on fencing with people, even if they appear to be in your way. Head deeper toward the real issue. You will find and solve it.

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