Weekly Horoscope for April 14: Slow and Steady Wins the Race.

April 13, 2024

Slow down, kick back, and relax. On April 19, the sun enters the realm of steadfast Taurus, ushering in the season of the Bull. Comfy clothes, sweet treats, cozy days, and chilled dispositions settle into the collective’s hearts. The go, go, go of Aries season has been exhausted. As much as Taurus is known for its laid-back demeanor, it’s also remembered for its stubbornness and resistance to any change in plans.

We’re beginning to hold a tight grip on something that keeps almost slipping out of our hands. Why won’t we let it naturally slip away? Wouldn’t it be easier? Positive outcomes aren’t found through one sole avenue or approach. Simply keeping our eyes set on the finish line allows us to cross it. We waste time getting lost in pushing external factors out of our control to cooperate. We can win with or without the support.


The new, improved strategy can be just as much, if not more, successful than the original plan. 


The earth signs, Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn will be most impacted this week.

As their season begins, Taurus will feel an increase of self-esteem and confidence about themselves.

Eye-opening insights find Virgo this week, urging them to get in touch with their true philosophy. 

Capricorn’s inner child wants to play, so creativity, romance, and hobbies deliver extra fun.



The solar second house of self-esteem and resources brings uplifting energy when the sun visits its home. Luckily, this transit is active for Aries this week when Taurus season begins! You know what you need, and the visibility of solar sunshine allows you to shine bright and attract it. Materialistic opportunities bask you in warmth. However, don’t get lost in craving more than what you need. Gratitude for what you already possess will magnetize more abundance your way. Work with what you’ve got. The universe will bless you with more.


Taurus season begins this week, allowing the sun in your solar first house to work its magic. All eyes are on you, encouraging you to flash a beaming smile that warms those around you. Your appearance is shifting, whether a makeover takes place or your aura is just glowing differently. As you radiate positive energy, people and opportunities want to be next to you. With this newfound power and leadership, be sure to assert yourself with calm confidence. As you refuse to settle for less, your life path opens up wide. New roads begin to be in view that you couldn’t make out clearly when there was a cloudy overcast. 


The sun enters your solar twelfth house of subconscious and private dwellings this week, Gemini. This transit is metaphorically linked to a sunrise. As the sun is rising, you’re able to see hope and promise on the horizon. However, it may feel dark, mysterious, and still where you’re currently standing as you anticipate this enlightening moment. Don’t rush a healing, introspective time this week. Process your innermost feelings as you witness this incredible performance of the natural world in solitude. There’s so much beauty in the promising moment between darkness and light.   


A popularity magnet, this week, the sun enters your solar eleventh house of socializing as Taurus season begins, Cancer. You may be a shiny new person in a fresh environment. You may have something exciting to share that gathers a crowd around you. Your friends may be more proactive in making sure you stay connected. Whatever the case, networking, connecting, and growing socially is a highlight for you. Be sure to keep your ride-or-die loved ones close as you chase new goals and ambitions for your future. 


As the sun enters your solar tenth house when Taurus season begins, your visibility heightens. This transit is correlated to noontime sunshine when the sun peaks in strength for the day, Leo. Everyone can see you shine and is grateful for your warmth. A prime time for your career, leadership opportunities may find you that allow you to take control over your success in a new way. Confidence allows you to give off a calm, authoritative vibe, allowing others to trust your guidance and assertions. If you’re used to being a wallflower, don’t fear the extra attention coming your way this week. 


There’s beauty in a routine, but there’s also magic in breaking up the daily grind. Taurus season activates your solar ninth house this week, making you restless. If life has felt mundane, why not get out and venture out? Some Virgo placements will find themselves booking trips and catching flights. Others will simply need to get out of the house and explore. When you stimulate your mind with new experiences and fascinating information, you grow as a person. Your luck this week depends on how flexible and open-minded you can be. 


The sun, lighting up our world, enters your solar eighth house of shadows, Libra. Expect enlightening illumination on matters of your innermost feelings when Taurus season begins this week. It seems easier to water down our emotions and pretend we don’t care on a surface level. But then happiness, love, joy, and connection cannot reach its highest potential of warmth. If you have been feeling lonely or misunderstood, it may be time to get vulnerable with those around you. Your truest supporters and loved ones will encourage your emotional transparency, security, and safety. Only those who cannot hold you would encourage you to live a facade or put on a performative mask.


The relationships you seek are seeking you, Scorpio. This week, your solar seventh house of connections is activated with Taurus season beginning. Socially, get clear on the type of people you want to be surrounded by. Then, extend the appropriate amount of effort to connect with others who you believe have the potential to meet you where you’re at. Water who waters you. On the other hand, as Taurus energy makes us stubborn, don’t be afraid to compromise to also meet others’ needs. A one-sided dynamic may emerge if both parties don’t consciously choose flexibility.


As you plant seeds for a better future, it’ll be key to foster a nurturing environment for growth, Sagittarius. Taurus season begins this week and will seek to stabilize your everyday life. Your to-do lists may grow in responsibility in response to the sun transiting your solar sixth house of routine. Forcing yourself to bloom while basking in heaviness is like forcing a plant to be healthy without sunshine or hydration. Create a daily routine that supports your mind, body, and spirit so you can feel accomplished and productive. Shame just kills motivation.  


When Taurus season begins, the enlightening sun begins to dance through your solar fifth house of pleasure. There’s no such thing as a guilty pleasure if it doesn’t harm anyone. Indulge and dive in deep, heads first. Romance, love, sexuality, hobbies, creativity peak. Turn up the volume to your favorite songs on your car ride home from work. Plan a date with a new or established lover that turns up the heat and tension. You always make sure to take care of your responsibilities. Now, it’s time to take your happiness seriously and carve out time to play with your inner child.


Playing it cool would ruin the vibe of this week. Taurus season begins, making itself at home in your solar fourth house of personal life. Domestic matters are illuminated, and you’re enlightened with clues about how you can stabilize and grow deeper roots. Moving or improving the home may be in order for some Aquarians, while others are finding themselves reconnecting with their family, culture, or traditions. Wear your heart on your sleeve and take a walk down memory lane with loved ones. At the end of your stroll, be sure to hug and renew your verbal vows of love and care.


If you are rolling over the same ideas in your head over and over again, it’s time to externalize and express rather than internalize. As Taurus season activates your solar third house of intellectual activity this week, it becomes your responsibility to get your mind right. Communication is the key to healthy mental health. If you make assumptions, you’ll miss out on important details that could’ve led to clearer decision-making. Be sure to clarify, question, and get it out rather than hold it in. Your education, skills, or learning opportunities are active, leading you to step into the role of being a student of life.