Horóscopo anual Virgo

Año de 2024

However you would define your love life early this year (completely single and happy, single and looking, in a committed relationship and happy or unhappy, or any number of “it’s complicated” entanglements), we’re fairly confident that it will change to something else before the year is over. The Universe has declared this to be your “year of relationships,” and there are plenty of planetary interactions that will help you navigate them.

We’ve already discussed the effects of Saturn in Pisces and your relationship zone this year, Virgo, and we also need to mention Uranus. Because of its placement in fixed earth sign Taurus and your ninth house of mind expansion, you’ll have to fight to keep some of your routines going. Mixing things up every now and then is good for your soul, but as soon as you stray too far from your usual, you start to get a little anxious. Use this educational, philosophical, boundary-pushing transit to get out of your head and immerse yourself more in the moment. Finding someone who can bring you out of your shell (a feisty Sagittarius, perhaps) could be the highlight of your year romantically.

When love goddess Venus partners with fiery Aries and your sexual dominance zone for most of April, there’s an almost immediate passionate impact on your love life. This is one of the best times for you to step up and be assertive, so if you really like someone, make your move. This spontaneous, direct approach to dating combined with this astrological duo’s competitive vibe urges you to make something happen now! This is also the time to explore fetishes and other taboo sexual topics. Have fun and be safe!

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