virgo Weekly Horoscope for the Week of February 28, 2021

By Donna Stellhorn

Week of February 28, 2021 This Week

Virgo, this week is like zip-lining; one short climb up, and you get to glide the rest of the way.

The week begins on Monday, March 1, with the sun, in your area of relationships, making a semi-square to Pluto in your house of risk-taking. Today, it's easy to overreach when it comes to a love relationship (which could lead to a metaphorically pulled muscle). Don't make assumptions today.

On Tuesday, March 2, Mercury, in your house of work and routines, makes a trine to the North Node in your house of career. Today, you border on brilliant and flirt with genius when it comes to projects you're involved in. You are inspiring, and so it's OK to take charge of the meeting or to meet with your supervisor about your ideas.

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Weekly Love

This week, you may feel torn between your love of excitement and your need for stability. On March 2, the moon in your grounded second house will square Pluto in your romantic fifth house, which may tempt you to spice things up in your love life, but at what cost? Is this affair smart? Does it seem like someone will get hurt? Think this through before you do something you’ll regret.

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Weekly Work

The beginning of this week presents you with a powerful opportunity for financial planning. On March 1, the moon in your second house of finances will form a trine with the North Node in your tenth house of career, pushing you to let a financial goal be your motivating force. What are you working toward? What will you buy with all that money working so hard to make?

By March 3, your career will continue to receive powerful energy. Mars will enter your tenth house of social status, pushing you to compete to be the best and level up in...

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Weekly Dating

Early in the week is a great time to take off on a road trip or do something more involved and exotic. If you can swing a quick trip or an extended voyage, go for it right away. If you're staying put for now, expect work issues to dominate the second half of the week even if you're unemployed. Something big is coming your way, and you will need to make room for it. It's all about your posse this weekend, so make sure everyone gets enough airtime to feel good about their role in it all before Monday rolls around again.