virgo Monthly Horoscope for February 2021

By Helen Adams

Month of February 2021 This Month

Reinventing Your Lifestyle

There’s a full house in your lifestyle sector as February gets underway, so the urge to change your routine for something more exciting could be strong. The sun’s presence here, along with sweet Venus, sobering Saturn, jovial Jupiter, and savvy Mercury can inspire you to experiment with new ideas. With a smorgasbord of new opportunities laid out in front of you, this is the time to sample various options and consider how they might work out.

With chatty Mercury, your ruler, continuing to rewind until February 20, it helps to back up important files and documents and give yourself extra leeway when it comes to any deadlines or appointments. There might be delays for all kinds of reasons, and these need to be factored into the equation.

The new moon in Aquarius on the eleventh could coincide with an emotional surge that encourages a fresh start. You might suddenly be galvanized into action and decide to jettison activities that no longer work for you. It’s time to focus on those that will bring a good return on your efforts.

As the sun eases into Pisces and your relationship zone on February 18, your attention may be drawn to relationships and key connections and how you can improve on them. This is the time to rewrite those unspoken rules that can undermine a relationship without you being aware of it.

Loving Venus moves into Pisces a week later, so your love life could take a new and more positive turn, especially where a new romance is concerned. If you have experienced issues in your current relationship, this soothing planet can smooth over difficulties and encourage more heart-to-heart conversations.

Finally, the potent full moon in your sign on the twenty-seventh could bring a relationship issue to the surface, especially if it has been swept under the carpet. You now have a chance to clear the air and find a solution that works for both of you.


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Monthly Love

When romantic Venus partners with unpredictable Aquarius on February 1, you have three weeks of excitement to look forward to. As a steady earth sign, you do tend to like your routines, but love-related shake-ups can be a good thing, Virgo. Be open to new possibilities and suggestions.

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Monthly Work

February starts with some major drama with your co-workers, which could reach a boiling point during the new moon on February 11. You’ll be given a choice as to how you want to proceed.

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February starts ice-cold as Venus enters Aquarius on the first, creating some unpredictability in your dating life, like dates canceling at the last minute, ghosting, or having to play the caretaker role in a relationship. Use the power of the new moon in Aquarius on February 11 to work on yourself. You can’t do the same thing in every relationship and expect different results.

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