aquarius Yearly Work Horoscope for 2022

Year of 2022

Aquarius, your unique outlook, ability to remain objective, and strong technical interests and skills will work to your advantage this year. Whether you’re happy in your current job, looking for a raise or promotion, or want to switch fields entirely, 2022 offers you some chances of a lifetime.

Your home planet Uranus is still traveling with steady earth sign Taurus this year, which could slow down some of your efforts, but it shouldn’t interfere with your innovative, experimental thought process.

Moving at a slower pace is inevitable, but that doesn’t mean you’ll lose your edge. You might not take as many risks as you would normally, but taking more time to think about opportunities that come along doesn’t mean you’ll miss out on them; it just might take a little longer to see results.

Authoritative Saturn spends time in your logical sign this whole year, so you’ll be applying a lot of “pro and con” thinking to your career path. You’re able to look at things that are extremely personal for most people from a very removed perspective, and looking at your career this way this year can be extremely beneficial. What advice would you give a friend if they were in your shoes, Aquarius? Follow your head instead of your heart down the right career path in 2022.

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