aquarius Yearly Work Horoscope for 2021

Year of 2021

2020 was no joke, and while the world will continue to evolve and change throughout 2021, you'll practically be in the driver’s seat. Aquarius is known as the sign of genius and evolution, a point that will be helpful to hold onto if things feel difficult for you during the year. Luckily, Jupiter will be hanging out in Aquarius for most of 2021, bringing you an abundance of luck and optimism.

Jupiter and Saturn will be hanging out in your sign all through 2021, Water Bearer, making this an extremely lucky year for you—but that luck will make perfect karmic sense. While Jupiter brings an abundance of luck that will take you to new heights in your career, social standing, and love life, you'll still need to make Saturn happy.

Saturn loves structures, rules, and responsibility, which isn't always your forte, but as long as you're the one making up the rules, there shouldn't be any problems. Use the first weeks in January to reflect on what your goals are, but don't feel pressured to make any sudden moves just yet.

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