cancer Yearly Work Horoscope for 2021

Year of 2021

Cancer, if there's one piece of advice to follow in your career this year, it is to be extremely loyal to yourself! Your sign is quite special in that, regardless of your age, you are an emotional parent to many. In fact, many born under the sign of the Crab may identify as an emotional empath. Due to the turbulence of 2020, many people's workplaces went through several iterations of what is now being deemed as the “new normal.” Your sign was hit with so many direct planetary oppositions that you had no choice but to evolve completely.

Well, 2021 is the year when every day might feel completely different from what happened yesterday and what will happen tomorrow. Your mind will need to arrive at quick solutions, but there will be many rewarding payoffs in the end. Take your mentors' advice to heart, and keep a tight circle around you.

The journey of the Saturn and Uranus squares will be a huge influence on your career destiny. Saturn's transit through Aquarius actually began back in March 2020 but didn't fully come around until mid-December of last year. This year, you're discovering that those seeds you planted during what everyone else called a pipe dream have actually have taken root and are now sprouting! There will be many surprises along the way.

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