scorpio Yearly Work Horoscope for 2022

Year of 2022

You’ll have your share of challenges in your career this year, but your sheer willpower and determination can carry you though some very difficult times. Get the success you deserve with the following planetary guidance!

Hardworking Saturn often sets the pace for your work life, and its placement in clever, free-thinking air sign Aquarius is an interesting one for you this year. You do excellent work when you connect with others now, Scorpio, so even though you tend to work very well on your own (or at least in the absence of an authority figure who insists on micromanaging everything), this partnership opens you up to new networking and team-related possibilities.

There are potential shake-ups from the pairing of unpredictable Uranus in Taurus this year as well, but as a patient sign, you don’t mind taking things slowly and looking at the big picture. This transit will help you think outside the box in some work-related areas, but you still aren’t likely to make any major moves too quickly. If you branch out, you’ll probably do it slowly and cautiously.

Strong Mars is partnered with disciplined Capricorn from the end of January to the start of March, which works well with your determined nature. What career-related goals do you want to accomplish this year?

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