Weekly Finstrology Update for February 6: Time to Listen Closely

February 3, 2023

All things Mercury are highlighted this week as the planet is speeding up and coming out of its retrograde shadow on Tuesday. That means it has cleared the degrees in which it was retrograde, so is completely free to take on new tasks.

Sunday’s full moon in Leo puts high-profile news from politicians in the spotlight that could affect how markets open for the week later in the day. On Monday afternoon, Mercury sextiles Neptune, providing an opportunity to gloss over the details and hitch a ride on the picture being painted. With the moon void-of-course for most of the trading day, Monday’s action could quickly be considered null and void, especially as Mercury leaves its retrograde shadow the following day.

At mid-week, financial opportunity is available as Venus, in its most-favorite sign of Pisces, makes a sextile to Uranus in Taurus, a sign that Venus rules. Be sure to be on alert for these opportunities and be proactive in exploring them due to the nature of a sextile.

Serious, powerful messages are on tap for Friday, February 10 because Mercury and Pluto conjoin in very late Capricorn at 12:16 pm. (Mercury enters its most-desired Aquarius on Saturday.) Watch for a high in the Nasdaq-100, perhaps aiming to fill the August 2022 gap between 13,210 and 13,073, as the pair are conjunct the market’s first-trade Mercury at 00 Aquarius and first-trade Jupiter at 28 Capricorn.

Markets on the Move

JNJ | Johnson & Johnson

Johnson & Johnson, maker of household-name healthcare products such as Tylenol and Band-Aids, is under fire for its talc-based baby powder that is the target of 40,000 lawsuits linking it to cancer. On January 30, a federal appeals court ruled that the company could not use the bankruptcy of a company it formed in 2021 to deal with the lawsuits as a way to avoid them. Its lawsuit troubles began in the mid-2010s. In 2016, the company was ordered to pay $4.6 billion, later reduced to $2.1 billion, to 22 individuals.

The company was founded in 1886 and incorporated a year later, but did not list its stock on the New York Stock Exchange until September 25, 1944, when transiting Jupiter and Mercury were conjunct both the company’s natal moon and Mars, all in Virgo, the sign associated with health.

The stock’s record high occurred April 25, 2022 at $186.69 with Uranus exactly trine first-trade Mercury and Jupiter. Also, transiting Mercury and Jupiter were each 150 degrees away from natal Venus, forming a “fated” yod

Transiting Mars has been conjunct the stock’s first-trade Uranus twice since last fall, precipitating price lows each time. The third and final pass of this conjunction occurs on February 10, so expect a low within a day or two either side. There could be a quick rally into a high on February 16 as Venus and Neptune form a yod with natal Venus. A more significant low could occur on February 23, when transiting Mars and Mercury form a grand trine with the stock’s natal Mars; another grand trine involving natal Mars marked the October 2003 low at $48.05.

Weekly Highlights

  • Gold High on Monday, February 6—Transiting Venus conjoins the gold market’s natal Jupiter to the degree, while Mercury conjoins natal Venus for what could be a significant high. Look for resistance between $2048 per oz. and $2054, basis April futures. Note that gold is approaching its record high of $2089 set in 2020.
  • Crude Oil High on Friday, February 10—Mercury and Pluto, together in Capricorn, form a T-square with the market’s first-trade opposition between Mars and Pluto. In addition, transiting Mars opposes natal Jupiter and Uranus. Resistance could come in at $76.30 per barrel or $80.30, basis March futures.
  • Bitcoin Low on Sunday, February 12—A year ago, on Super Bowl Sunday, four crypto companies (FTX, Coinbase, Crypto.com and eToro) spent an estimated $54 million in advertisements and stole the show. This year, with no crypto ads scheduled, bitcoin could take a hit as it goes down Memory Lane. In the sky, Mercury and Pluto conjoin first-trade Jupiter while Venus and Neptune are not only conjunct first-trade Uranus, but also opposite first-trade Saturn. Look for support between $20,680 and $20,920.

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