Weekly Horoscope for April 21: Solving the Case!

April 20, 2024

Confusion has clouded our vision, but this week is blessed with clarity. The Scorpio full moon on April 23 will awaken our intuition, throwing everyone’s cards on the table. Trusting our instincts to look deeper into a situation will allow us to extract the truth. Once upon a time, it was buried below the surface. Now we get to hold the gem of wisdom we knew in our gut was hidden there all along.

The energy of awakening follows on the twenty-fifth. Mercury stations direct in blunt Aries, ending the introspective questioning of the retrograde. The fog clears from our glasses that we’ve been trying to rub off for weeks. Our perceptions are stronger and sharper than ever before. The facts are clear. As we mentally strategize with self-preservation and care as the focus of our plans, we wait for the announcement to charge forward. On your mark, get set, go! 


I am prepared and ready to welcome the truth, so I may live my most authentic, empowered life. 


Most of all, Aries, Cancer, and Scorpio will feel emotionally reborn after this week.

Aries will feel themselves jolt back awake after a period of self-doubt and confusion when the Mercury retrograde in their sign ends this week.

Moon-ruled Cancer will feel extra sensitive with the full moon in Scorpio, a sign where the moon isn’t very comfortable visiting. 

Scorpio has an emotional epiphany when the full moon in their sign challenges them to let go of outdated ideas and energy.



The Aries Mercury retrograde ends in your sign this week, encouraging you to do whatever you want. Confusion has gotten the best of you for the past few weeks. So long as you’re sensitive to where your actions may impact others, why not get back to being your typical, authentic self? Your hidden confidence only cracks open all the more with the Scorpio full moon also hitting your solar eighth house of innermost emotions. Holding a once lost but now retrieved gem in your hands, you’re all the wiser about your personal power. You’ll find what you need practically and emotionally. When you do, go after it unapologetically.  


Real love is raw, deep, and vulnerable. It drops egoic calculation and strategy, Taurus. The Scorpio full moon this week illuminates your solar seventh house of relationships. If you’ve been trying to hide your feelings, this lunation will put your emotions front and center for you to share with others. The Aries Mercury retrograde ends, concluding your week with a final deep dive. You finally see what needs to be released so that you do not self-sabotage. Embody the courage to allow change, as what you need is better than what you once thought you wanted. 


The Scorpio full moon highlights where you have been taking responsibility that isn’t yours to carry. As much as it’s healing to be of help to others who could use your support, the truth is that people can also accept your help so much. Some lessons we all have to learn on our own, in our own way. Wisdom is experience. As the Aries Mercury retrograde ends, you come to re-identify with people who are going the same way as you. You can’t drag anyone along who is still stuck in the past or in self-defeating patterns. Find the courage to go with the company that encourages your growth. 


As the Scorpio full moon illuminates the night sky in your solar fifth house of pleasure, it’s clear that you must take your happiness into your own hands. Other people cannot live your life for you and cannot fully comprehend what will bring you the most joy. Choose the fun, creative, uplifting, loving or freeing decision that supports your inner child. As the Aries Mercury retrograde ends, your career life shifts for the better as well. Any issues with authority figures chill out. Misunderstandings clear. But most importantly, your newfound mental clarity about the workplace shifts everything. 


The Scorpio full moon reminds you that you can change and grow in life, but your roots will also always be there. For better or worse, we must accept ourselves and how our formative years shaped us. When we can find the space to love who we are, we find a great amount of empowerment and healing. As the Aries Mercury retrograde ends, we become more aware of what inherited ideas, philosophies, or cultural narratives were never really us. It was the voice we heard around us. With this in mind, you may now walk towards the outlook on life that is authentic to you. 


With a full moon in Scorpio hitting your solar third house of communication, the truth is bound to come out in conversation, Virgo. If any misunderstandings arise, use it as an opportunity to connect deeper with the core root of what someone is feeling. Look beyond the superficial language. What is really being expressed here, even if it’s not ideal? Vice versa, be sure to clarify and communicate with tact, even if your voice shakes. As the Aries Mercury retrograde ends, it becomes clear who you can rely on. Lean on the people who show you time and time again that they aren’t afraid of your messier emotions. This week, you’re reminded that you’re lovable, exactly as you are. 


Your self-esteem has been dependent on something unstable, and this Scorpio full moon strips you down to your roots, Libra. Where can you find true empowerment outside of material or external dependents? The trick is to not push yourself to accomplish or acquire more to prove something. Applaud yourself for all you’ve done so far. As the Mercury retrograde ends, your solar seventh house of connections can now breathe. Any interpersonal decisions come naturally. Solutions make their way to you, encouraging authenticity with people in your life.


This week’s Scorpio full moon in your sign reminds you of who you are. Emotional epiphanies find you, as well as clearer self-understanding and appearance boosts. You’ll feel like all of your cards are on the table for others to read. Showing vulnerability isn’t the issue. Being closed off is. As the Aries Mercury retrograde ends in your solar sixth house of responsibility, it’ll be clear what you need to do versus what’s self-imposed. If it’s constantly draining, is it truly productive to force yourself to do it? Your intuition clears the path for you to choose yourself and prioritize your needs.


Are you ready to let go of a familiar pattern draining your potential, Sagittarius? The Scorpio moon will ensure that you see the truth of what’s holding you back. As you welcome the idea of trying something new, even if out of your comfort zone, you experience the rebirth you’ve been craving deep down. The Aries Mercury retrograde ending this week further allows you to prioritize your joy. Hitting your solar fifth house of pleasure, you can now see clearly who and what does and doesn’t make your inner child feel safe. 


When you keep your eyes set on the finish line, you don’t mind making adjustments to the timing or details as to how completion happens, Capricorn. The Scorpio full moon illuminates a blind spot this week. Holding a tight grip on something expired will only soil your plans. Stay true to your core intention. However, be flexible in changing how it happens or who you’re walking alongside. As the Aries Mercury retrograde ends in your solar fourth house, your personal life begins to stabilize. Any miscommunications with family or close connections are clear. Home begins to feel like home again.


The Scorpio full moon of this week illuminates your career life and public image, Aquarius. The truth of what you need to feel connected to your legacy, or at the least, feel productive, is revealed. It’s important to dive deep beyond the superficial in your decision-making. Listen to your soul. Release any external opinions and take authority. As the Aries Mercury retrograde ends, your communication improves. Your learning skills sharpen, and your comprehension skyrockets. Your mindset is one of a leader right now. Trust your strategy; it will lead you to victory.


A Scorpio full moon in your solar ninth house exposes you to where your perception has been limited. However, your willingness to get out of your comfort zone allows you to expand rapidly, Pisces. This increased intellectual power allows you to find success in educational, philosophical, travel, spiritual, and cultural endeavors. As the Aries Mercury retrograde ends, so will many of your self-worth doubts or money challenges. As you build the courage to believe in and back yourself, new abundance finds you.