Weekly Horoscope for July 7: Hello, Summer Love!

July 6, 2024

On July 11, romantic Venus charms her way into ferocious Leo. Love will be a sight to see. Venus in Leo conjures alluring spells through promises of loyalty, devotion, and affection. Cinematic masterpieces are created by artists and lovers alike. Dramatic, public proclamations of love are spoken into the summer breeze. However, arguments can just as easily spring from too much passion. While desire is on full display, so is defiance and ego.

Power couples show off their beloved, boasting their arm candy. To be treated like royalty is a love language this week. Words of affirmation slip off our tongues abundantly, showering you with gratification. If you have to question someone’s dedication, know something is amiss. Genuine connections will be marking their territory with pride, platonic and intimate alike, for all to witness and see. 


The right people for you will bring you unwavering devotion and loyalty, with your flaws and all.


Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius will have lovey-dovey energy circulating their week.

Aries will be glowing from lighthearted pleasure, romantic experiences, and sexy moments. 

Leo’s confidence soars as alluring Venus enters their sign, beautifying their appearance and life. 

Sagittarius sees the world through an optimistic lens, allowing them to go beyond their comfort zone.



As if this Leo Venus transit isn’t alluring enough, the planet of love will be dancing into your romance sector this week. As your solar fifth house softens, passion heats up. Lovers put their cards on the table, making feelings transparent. Authenticity will be a huge turn-on. Summer love, sexy affairs, hot chemistry! For the select Aries who are seeking pregnancy, fertility may be prime. However, all Aries will feel the desire to bring life. Whether through their creativity, talents, or hobbies, happiness is sparked anew.


While Leo Venus transits are known for PDA and public declarations of love, you find yourself feeling more reserved. As your private life sector hits, privacy means more. Transitions in relationships are deemed too sacred to share with just anyone. Some Taureans may find themselves rendezvousing with past lovers or friends. Nostalgic, sentimental energy is stirred in even the most established relationships. A cinematic daydream of what could’ve been will pull at your heartstrings. If you compare yourself to outdated philosophies or traditions of love, you’re at risk of staying in the former. Grow. Move forwards. Break generational patterns of relating. 


When souls form close bonds so much can be said in just a glance, Gemini. Whether you like to call it telepathy, shared energy, or vibes, expect deeper understanding in your relationships. Your communication sector is sparked. This week begins the Leo Venus transit, bringing you intellectual activity. Diving deeper into learning new skills, expanding your mind, and traveling will be a love language. Experience and community will mean everything. Now is the time to deepen friendships, as you’ll absorb more from a more objective point of relation. 


As much as we like to think of love as an elusive feeling, love is more so about practical commitment. Venus enters Leo this week. This highlights your resource sector. You crave dedication, loyalty, and real results in relationships. Talk is cheap. You don’t want to be told that actions speak for themselves. Being invested in is your current love language. Ifyour romantic and platonic friendships can find commonality in shared values, you’ll find more ease. However, anydisagreements may point to deeper disconnects and a need for reevaluation. 


Luck is on your side. Venus enters your sign this week, bringing your independent charm to an all-time high. Alluring energy sweeps your aura. Magnetizing your desires comes with ease. Looking for love? Now is the time to put yourself out there. Potential lovers or established relationships can go wild with passion. Want to be respected as an authority figure? Pitch yourself for raises or financial gains. Craving a makeover or new look? Go for it! Appearance shifts or beauty appointments go in your favor. As self-love heightens, you find true progress. You come to understand how little popularity means in comparison to having your own back. 


As much as it’s normal to crave familiarity, it’s time to let go of outdated ways of relating. When love hurts, it’s time to take a step back and reflect, Virgo. It’s best to introspect rather than make final, decisive answers and decisions this week. As Venus enters Leo, she enters the shadows of your subconscious sector. Where are you self-sabotaging in relationships? Or where are your blind spots? How can you tie up loose ends to set yourself free? When you stop running from the past and face it head-on, you’ll find clarity. When you avoid what you know is hurting you or another, roadblocks to connections arise.


Every summer lover needs good friends, Libra. Venus enters Leo this week, shining a light on your alliances, acquaintances, and those who share similar values. Platonic crushes are developed as you want to befriend or become closer to interesting people. A special someone may spark your eye, differing from your typical type. Or, someone whoyou wrote off as just a confidant starts to bring butterflies. Lean into all of the unconventional ways that romance can blossom. Attraction will be synonymous with breaking free.


How relationships feel is a whole lot more important than how they look, Scorpio. Venus enters Leo this week. Your love is in the spotlight for all to witness. Your relationships become a visible topic of observation or discussion. Putting everything out on the table liberates you from imposter syndrome. Be transparent about your coupling’s strengths and weaknesses. This transit provides ample power couple energy. When you’re unapologetic about your love life, you can breathe easier. Worry less about others seeing your flaws, platonically or romantically. Show off your messy, human passion openly.


While it may feel important to prove your point, sustaining love is likely more important. Being right is thrilling. However, sustainable happiness is finding common ground and bonding over what matters most. When Venus enters Leo this week, debates can flare up in your relationships. This can be thrilling, exciting, and passionate. Intellectual stimulation is quite the turn-on. However, just as fun as it can be, it can become all too much. Heated arguments may flare up, leading to unnecessary battles of the will. 


Venus enters Leo, and your love runs deep. Superficial performances of connection will make you scoff, Sagittarius. You’re looking for meaningful, soulful conversation and bonding. Platonically, this can lead to deeper trust being mutually shared as you divulge secrets. Romantically, sparks fly as your solar eighth house of intimacy is heating up. Now is the time to treat sexuality as the sacred act it is. Sharing private, darker emotions, experiences, and feelings allows you to escape the world with a special someone. You may often feel misunderstood, but this week shows you that someone gets you.


Aquarius, you’re normally very calculated. This week has something else in mind for you. Lover Venus enters passionate Leo, asking you to let your heart lead. As the fire burns bright, it also is untamed. Romance is exciting, thrilling, yet unpredictable. Your relationship sector is illuminated, casting light and shadows alike on the wall. What has been sweptunder the rug can arise in a heated debate or frustrated battle of wills. Welcome transparency, authenticity, and directiveness. The more calmly confident you are, the more respect you’ll gain from your loved ones. Relationships grow as honesty is the main motivator for connection.


It’s time to romanticize your life, Pisces. Luckily, this is something you often excel in. It’s time to stop seeing your daily tasks and obligations as a heavy chore. Being productive can be exciting, passionate, and motivating. If you need inspiration to get things practically done, this week will pleasantly surprise you. Lover Venus enters fiery Leo. This burns up your responsibilities. You may be surprised to find that others are going out of their way to support you, making your day-to-day much smoother. Let go of the idea that you need to do it all alone.