Weekly Horoscope for June 30: Blinded by the Lights.

June 29, 2024

On July 2, chatty Mercury enters Leo as dreamy Neptune stations retrograde. An actor steps into the spotlight of Leo energy, ready to speak its Mercurial script and lines. However, Neptune has other visions. The planet decides to revise the script at the last moment. The actor stands on stage, trying to articulate their words, hit with waves of confusion. This week, we are trying to remember who we were long ago, only to realize that we actually need to focus on our undefined present.

Following, on the fifth, a Cancer new moon gives us the fresh start we’re hoping for. As the moon is at home in its ruling sign of Cancer, we find comfort. The stage of life is reset. Now, the actor is surrounded by familiar faces in the audience, original scripts, and old props. As we feel the warmth of what we’ve always known, we are able to set off on new voyages. We carry the promise that we’ll always find our way back home.


When I am authentically myself, I can ditch the imposter syndrome.


Cancer, Leo, and Pisces are called to redefine their lives this week.

Cancer is renewed by a new moon in their sign, illuminating their true identity and desires.

Leo finds stimulating, intellectual hope and renewal as Mercury enters their sign.

Pisces is called deeper into introspection as their ruling planet, Neptune, stations retrograde.



This week, you can expect confusion when it comes to your spirituality, Aries. Neptune stations retrograde, reminding you that some things should be kept to yourself. Keeping secrets may be challenging as chatty Mercury enters bold Leo. Your pleasure sector will light up with excitement, eager to share sentiments passionately. The hazy brain fog passes as the Cancer new moon hits on July 5. Your personal life sector urges you to relocate or renovate your home. The shift may involve literal domestic affairs or be metaphorical for the intimate relationship dynamics you partake in behind closed doors.


Neptune stations retrograde in your social life sector, bringing hazy clouds. You want to get to the bottom of the motivations of others, but confusion permeates your best judgment, Taurus. Mercury enters Leo at the same time, encouraging bold, passionate conversations with your personal relationships. Therefore, keep things brief and cordial in the public sphere and save intimacy for tried-and-true connections. The mental fog passes when the Cancer new moon hits on July 5. Your intellect and communication sector is urged to see anew. Clarifying information allows you to make proper social decisions. 


You will not be able to control how you are perceived this week, Gemini, so let go of control. Neptune stations retrograde in your public image sector, creating a mysterious aura around you. As Mercury enters passionate Leo at the same time, sparks fly. Your communication sector will be hit, and it’ll be hard to bite your tongue. In order to save face, share sensitive information only with those in your trusted inner circle. Your professional path clears, and doors open with the Cancer new moon on July 5. New financial decisions from a sure-footed sense of self-esteem will upgrade your work.


You may begin this week by questioning what you believe in. Neptune stations retrograde in your philosophy sector, revealing any illusionary thinking. Simultaneously, chatty Mercury enters Leo, bringing an impulsive urge to make practical decisions. Remain patient, as on July 5, a new moon in your sign illuminates the night skies, bringing more clarity to your overall life path. If you lean back and ride the waves of hazy questioning temporarily, the Universe will bring the solutions to you. However, don’t be resistant to the answers revealed in divine timing. Trust your intuition.


The week begins with a Neptune retrograde in your intimacy sector. It can be challenging to determine what your fears are versus your intuition. However, Mercury enters your sign, urging you to be vocal and direct about your feelings. There’s no harm in communicating; just be sure you come from an angle of curiosity versus accusation. When July 5 hits, a Cancer new moon illuminates what you have been suppressing. It’s okay to be confused, not have all the answers, and try anyway. Set the intention to rejuvenate your spirit and have self-compassion. Healing isn’t linear. 


Neptune stations retrograde in your relationship sector, Virgo. Be mindful that others around you can easily become confused by any sudden shift in how you approach them. Allow solutions to find themselves rather than forcing resolution. Mercury enters Leo at the same time, challenging you to confront thoughts you’ve tucked away in the past. Be mindful that you might be seeing life blurrily, so remain centered. The Cancer new moon in your social sector helps you wash away confusion. Conversations with friends or like-minded people remind you how to get back on track towards your long-term goals.


Neptune stations retrograde in your service sector, Libra. It’ll be important to see what your responsibility and obligation areversus what is truly not. Your time and energy are sacred. With that said, Mercury enters Leo at the same time. Your goals and aims feel energized, but it’s best to pause on making decisive future plans. The fog lifts and clear skies are forecastedon July 5, with the Cancer new moon. The night skies are illuminated and deliver hope to your public life and career. If you can channel this burst of energy constructively, you’ll find that optimistic purpose rejuvenates your direction.


The planet of illusions, Neptune, stations retrograde. Your romantic sector is impacted. Be sure to be open-minded about your lover’s desires, aims, and dreams, Scorpio. They might not be as threatening as they appear at first glance. That said, chatty Mercury fires up in Leo at the same time. You desire to be acknowledged and seen for your practical efforts. Remember, though, that you may not be seeing clearly quite yet. Things shift on July 5 with the Cancer new moon. Your philosophy sector expands. Watch limiting beliefs wash away. In turn, you’re fueled by intuitive downloads.


Neptune stations retrograde in your personal life sector, revealing illusions to be dispelled. Don’t fall into the limitations of seeing others through only one perspective. Humans are multifaceted. Further, intellectual Mercury is fired up as it enters Leo. Desiring to boldly communicate your philosophy and beliefs is sure to be expected. However, keep in mindthat not everyone will agree with your moral reasoning. The confusion is lifted as the Cancer new moon illuminates the skies on July 5. Intimacy miscommunications are sorted. Trust is rebuilt. Now, you can make informed decisions.


Communication may be tricky when starting your week off, Sagittarius. Neptune stations retrograde in your expression sector, coupled with Mercury entering bold Leo. The urge to speak your mind will heighten, especially in matters of intimacy. Be patient. July 5, a Cancer new moon illuminates the night sky. Your troubles can be dispelled as confusion is swapped for clarity. Intuitive insight pours in, helping you understand your interpersonal dynamics. As you see the role you’re playing, you can control who and what you are giving energy to. Reclaiming your power mirrors in your loved ones.


You are confused by what metrics to define your success by as Neptune stations retrograde. Your self-esteem sector is disillusioned, Aquarius. Don’t allow yourself to spiral into self-doubt. On the same day, Mercury enters bold Leo, pushing you to take direct action in your relationships. Pause until you feel more grounded. July 5, a Cancer new moon washes the hazy energy away. As you come to understand your practical responsibilities, you feel empowered by new systems of being. This newfound intuitive insight allows you to be more present in your daily life and tasks. 


Neptune stations retrograde in your sign, bringing you confusion around your life path and direction. Don’t fear. At the same time, Mercury enters bold Leo, encouraging you to be self-motivated and decisive. However, the best time to make decisions is on July 6. A Cancer new moon hits, activating your pleasure sector. You’ll come to find that your problems can be solved by simply doing the things that make you happiest. Uplifting romance, healing sexuality, and childlike expression allow you to feel free again.