Weekly Horoscope for November 13: Embrace Adventure in Love!

November 13, 2022

While we’ll still be feeling the rumble of eclipse season for nearly a month longer, we are slowly but surely inching away from the fiery inferno of chaos hissing within the sky. Luckily, this week is chockfull of gorgeous hymns within the heavens, and we even watch as our goddess planet of love and beauty, Venus, becomes ignited in Sagittarius. Now and in the weeks to come, we’ll be feeling more spontaneous and adventurous around matters of the heart, craving a fresh perspective, more fun, and a more carefree attitude. Those who are unafraid of taking chances in romance or spicing up their routines with their sweetheart will be favored by the cosmos most.


I will always choose what makes me feel beautiful. Love and life should always be an adventure. 


This week, Gemini, Sagittarius, and Aquarius could find that they are the most euphoric of all zodiac signs. This is because of our sweet Venus as she spins like a belly dancer in the skies of Sagittarius. All three of these zodiac signs have been having a troubling and incredibly challenging time with relationships due to the Mars retrograde. Still, this newfound influence should soften things up. Geminis will find more peace and harmony in partnerships, whereas Sagittarians will enjoy an extra special sense of pleasure and beauty within their lives. Aquarians, though, will likely notice the most popularity.



Embrace new horizons in romance, Aries. As Venus shimmies into your solar ninth house of expansion this week, you’ll be feeling eager for adventure, passion, and stimulation! If single, this is an auspicious period to try dating outside of your normal type, especially someone from a different background, race, spirituality, homeland, or upbringing than you. If coupled up, consider planning some upcoming travel together.


Intimacy will be both soft and passionate for you now, Taurus. This is because your planetary ruler, Venus, will shift into the depths of your solar eighth house. This ensures that you’ll be eager to get up close and personal with someone who fans the flames of your desire. Couples may enjoy this vibe a bit more than singles, but either way, it will awaken your sexual hunger.


Dance with a twin flame now, Gemini. As Venus turns a corner to stand across the sky from you in your solar seventh house, your union will be more harmonious than it has been recently. In fact, singles could more easily attract someone with long-term potential. If you’ve had tension in a relationship, you will more easily be able to smooth out any ruffled feathers and see eye-to-eye.


Life may feel smoother starting this week, Cancer. This is because sweet Venus, our goddess planet of pleasure, is now transiting your solar sixth house of productivity. You may now have an easier flow on the job or with coworkers or clients. If you’ve struggled to find the perfect work-life balance that allows you time for fun and romance, now it may be back on the menu.


Prepare for your heart to sing the song of true love, Leo. Sweet Venus, our goddess planet of relationships, will be casting spells from your fiery fifth house of passion and romance. This is one of the most magical periods of the year for singles to line up dates with new options. You may find a soulmate connection. Couples can use this magnificent vibe to bring more sugar, spice, and everything nice into their daily routine.


Pleasure will be found at home and with family, Virgo. As Venus leaves rose petals within your solar fourth house of domesticity, you’ll feel the urge to beautify your living space, enjoy time relaxing there, and even host a sweet little gathering. If there’s been any friction with your kindred, use this sacred grace to smooth out any tension or sorrow. Together, you’ll forge an even sweeter rapport now.


Fun could be found by taking a new journey out your door, Libra. In fact, you should consider some fun little trips to nearby locales or hit the road and see where the highways take you. As your planetary ruler, Venus, sparkles in your solar third house, romance and laughter will blossom when you set out for new horizons and see what unique adventures there are to be found.


Know you’re a money magnet, Scorpio. As Venus leaves behind your zodiac sign this week, she’ll bring her glow to your solar second house of income and finances. Gifts or opportunities to monetize could appear as if out of thin air. Know that you can also attract gorgeous, luxurious, or valuable possessions using this energy, too. Check out your favorite stores for some sales or unique product options.


Ignite like a fire dancer in the center of the ring, Sagittarius. As Venus enters your solar first house this week, all eyes are on you as you bend attention to your command. This is a gorgeous period to pursue romance, pleasure, and beauty. Update your look, get a new hairstyle, or buy a fresh wardrobe. If you harness this radiant vibe now, it’ll remain with you for a whole year!


It’s time to turn within and give self-love to your softest parts, Capricorn. With Venus now diving into the depths of your solar twelfth house, you’ll be quite reflective on what role romance and dating have played for you throughout this past year. Singles will need to take a step back from dating, as it may be better to focus instead on who you are and what you need going forward. Couples can cuddle up at home.


Get ready to feel like the cat’s meow, Aquarius. Venus, our sweet goddess of attraction, will spring her way into your solar eleventh house this week. If single, you’ll have a rare chance to meet someone extra special through your social circle or online dating. If coupled up, plan some magical and memorable moments with your sweetheart as you mix and mingle with friends. You’ll find that laughter follows you everywhere that you go.


Applause will be following you just like rainbows follow the rain, Pisces. As our sweet goddess planet, Venus, gets jazzed up in your solar tenth house of achievement, everyone will be celebrating you and your accomplishments. Don’t hide away. Revel in what you’ve built. Know that if you wish to impress any bosses or authority figures, they’ll be especially charmed by you now. Awards and higher opportunities could manifest at this time with ease.

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