Weekly Horoscope for September 25: Embrace Joy!

September 25, 2022

The absolute best week of September has arrived, promising new beginnings and growth in all areas of life. The week begins with a new moon in Libra, singing hymns and love songs to the world below. This is a pivotal moment to focus on our partnerships and relationships. Still, luckily, because of the magnificent cosmic weather throughout the entire week, you can pick and choose whether you want to harness it for your personal or professional lives! Fall in love or trust more deeply. Build plans with collaborators who see your vision. The choice is up to you as long as you seize the coming week.


Find someone who mirrors you in equal measure.


Aries, Gemini, and Libra could find the week to come grants them their hopes and dreams as if the universe is offering them on a silver platter! The key for these three zodiac signs to flourish now, though, is tied to how intentional they are about building each area of their lives. Personal happiness and professional power are all quite possible if you carefully consider the appropriate strategies to manifest and execute them. Just don’t make any major final decisions with Mercury still retrograde until next week. You can, however, brainstorm, enjoy the great vibes, and of course, live in the moment.



Partnerships will get you far now, Aries. Despite your independent streak, don’t try to fly solo. With the new moon in your solar seventh house of relationships, you and a significant other could be making important decisions together, moving in, getting engaged, or even being wed. However, because it is still Mercury retrograde, if you can bring up discussions but table final decisions until October, you’ll be glad you did.


Get ready to pick up the pace, Taurus. Your work life is about to become packed with projects and priorities! As the new moon in your solar sixth house of productivity awakens this week, you could find more responsibilities and assignments filling your calendar. However, don’t forget to always build a healthy work-life balance rather than being crushed by it.


Embrace your heart’s magic, Gemini. Live with passion and dance with beauty. A new moon in your solar fifth house of true love, dating, creativity, and fertility sings out like an angel from above. This could help singles to meet many exciting and romantic suitors or help couples to reignite the spark between them. No matter what: make this a memorable moment of the year.


Make wise decisions about home and family this week, Cancer. You could shift things that may have been challenging to a better degree. As the new moon in your solar fourth house of domesticity arrives, you may now be considering a renovation, move, or even switching up your living space. Connecting with family should also be rather sweet at this time. Trust your gut about how to proceed carefully.


Step up to the microphone and tell the world what you think, Leo. The people are ready to listen to you. As the new moon in your solar third house of communications arrives, you will find your mind consumed by exciting thoughts, ideas, and prospects. A new contract may also come your way, but it’d be best to push it off until the middle of the following week until Mercury retrograde ends.


Money is your birthright, Virgo. Revel in it. As the new moon in your solar second house of income, resources, and possessions arrives this week, you could be attracting wealth like a magnet! A raise, new job, large check, or side hustle could manifest now. Use your strategic and calculated nature to build your kingdom of gold. This is also a great moment to assess your budget and cut out excess expenses.


Stand in your power and honor your deepest desires, Libra. You are in the spotlight. As the new moon arrives in your solar first house of identity — your zodiac sign — this week, you’re stepping through an open door to manifest the life of your dreams. Make a list of what you want to build in the coming year and lay seeds for all of it now. You are worthy of everything that you pray for.


Your intuition is speaking, Scorpio. Listen to it. With the arrival of the new moon in your solar twelfth house of privacy, secrets, and the unconscious this week, you are being granted the ability to lie low, recharge, and reset your physical, mental, and spiritual batteries. If you’re feeling burnt out, stop burning the candle on both ends. Learn to surrender and breathe. You’ll be eternally grateful that you did.


Reach your aspirations and goals, Sagittarius. You are worthy! This week’s new moon highlights your solar eleventh house of hopes and dreams and is giving you the chance to pave the way toward them. Consider asking friends or professionals in your network for aid — perhaps even a favor — and watch as many of them could rally to your side. All you have to do is be honest and upfront.


Glory can be yours, Capricorn. Wear your crown. This week’s new moon places a spotlight over you, shining from your solar tenth house of achievement. New projects, professional opportunities, awards, or public recognition could be dangled before you. All you have to do is stand up, say you’re ready, and build toward them now. Success isn’t always just given. It is something you must know you can achieve no matter how long it takes.


Open your eyes as wide as possible, Aquarius. The universe is blessing you with new perspectives and far-reaching vision. This week’s new moon whispers from your solar ninth house of expansion, encouraging you to embrace adventure and new horizons. Academics, travel, legalities, and media endeavors are all shimmering like gold for you now. Know you can soar toward the light without fear, and wisdom will be found.


Vulnerability makes you beautiful, Pisces. Open up just a little bit more. As the new moon sings sweet notes from your solar eighth house of intimacy, sexuality, and shared assets, where you stand in a relationship will be up for discussion. Don’t worry about standing up for what you want, need, and deserve. The best partnerships always feed one another in unique and profound ways. This is what you have the right to ask for.

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