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Your first reaction to today's big craziness may be even crazier -- and why not? Sometimes you need...

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It's one of those perfect days when you feel at peace with the world -- and the folks you live with...

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You don't have quite as much energy as you would like today, and might find that people are pushing...

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Your emotional side is working overtime today -- and you like it! You may find that people are much...

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You don't really know what's going on right now, and that's okay -- you need to deal with stuff as...

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It's the perfect time to strut around outside and make new friends -- if you're allowed past the...

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You may not get everything you want today -- which isn't unusual, of course. What could be weird is...

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You're just full of good energy today -- and that could mean that you're able to keep the troops...

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You need to make sure that you're able to pursue things to the greatest possible extent today --...

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It's a good time for you to stay at home, even if you're aching to frolic outside. There's more...

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You might feel more than a little overwhelmed by all the crazy business surrounding you today --...

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You're having too much fun with your human pals today -- and might be putting on quite a show! It's...

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