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Daily CatScope


You may want something pretty fiercely, but now is not the time to go for it! If anything, you may...

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You and your fellow kitties are getting along well. If you're the only one in the house, then you...

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You are feeling quite strongly about someone in your life -- so much so that you may feel like...

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You need to work together with someone else to get what you want. It may be as simple as an early...

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You are feeling pretty tech-savvy today, even if you don't have the opposable thumbs those humans...

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You just can't make up your mind about what to do next, whether or not the choice should be obvious...

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You are the center of attention today -- which is how it should be every day! Even if you don't...

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You're unusually withdrawn today, but don't let it worry the humans. They may get a little nervous...

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You are filled up with wacky energy and may be having more fun than everyone else in the...

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It's one of those weird days that seems to delight in causing you problems -- even though none of...

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You need to deal with the stuff that means the most to you, no matter how small-scale or silly it...

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You might not have to dirty your paws with money like the humans do, but the idea of shopping still...

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