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Daily CatScope


You need to deal with someone close who needs some attention -- even if you're not so sure they...

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Try to let the humans know what's on your mind today -- they need to hear from you! Your good...

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It's hard for you to tell anyone else what you're feeling when you don't know yourself! Of course,...

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You're feeling a little extra spooky today -- but in a good way! You're full of great energy and...

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You're quite the diplomat today! If your friends and family are all at peace, you're happy, but if...

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Everyone is helping everyone else today and you're in the middle of the good times! See if you can...

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You're totally focused on the small stuff today and should find that you're obsessing over one bug...

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You're dreaming of wandering off and hunting far and wide -- but you know you'll always return to...

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You have to spend more time than you'd like with a dog or some dumb kitty or someone else who'd...

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The people and other critters in your life are all over-dramatizing things today and you need to be...

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If you're wondering if now is the time to bolt for the door or pounce on that unsuspecting human,...

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Your creative energy is stronger than ever and you might be able to communicate with the humans in...

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