aries Yearly Work Horoscope for 2021

Year of 2021

Career life is looking on the upswing for the Ram! You've done a lot of self-work over the last few years, and there was nothing like the test of 2020 to really get you in the groove. Your dedication was truly tested with both the great conjunctions that took place in 2020.

In 2021, you're tackling your battles with a more collaborative and cheerful vibe. If you felt bogged down by last year's intense great conjunction energy and Mars' retrograde transits, it's your time to step into the new. You'll feel better knowing that you're not alone, and you'll find a major break in business relationships. Tracking the movement of Mars through the signs is important, not only for the sake of your mental prowess, but also as a way to map your developments on an energetic level.

This year's series of eclipses will propel you to the next level in your ability to effectively communicate and market yourself. This is true for Aries on all different types of career paths. As the North Node transits through the sign of Gemini and your personal third house, it will emphasize your relationships with neighbors, siblings, and coworkers. You'll build better connections, and also feel more inclined to commune and network more effectively. People want to hear what you have to say, and that's a good thing if you work in market sectors that require you to use your voice.

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