virgo Yearly Work Horoscope for 2021

Year of 2021

Prepare for a highly active and memorable year in your professional life, Virgo! Many planets are pushing you toward greater productivity and more projects, as well as new heights of success. Don’t sit back during 2021. This year will be pivotal on determining your path forward.

With Saturn and Jupiter aligning in your productivity sector, you'll see a heavier workload from your employer no matter where you are in your career (solar sixth house). Each planet will affect you differently, but together they'll empower you to grind harder than ever before. Saturn, the planet of life lessons and perseverance, entered your employment zone at the end of 2020 and will remain here until March 2023.

This means that you've been given a challenge, and you must rise to meet it—or else fail the tests of this taskmaster planet. Saturn will bring hurdles and obstacles to your work life in a few different ways. For instance, your day job may become more monotonous and strenuous, with increased responsibility, hours, or expectations being placed upon you. This isn’t to punish you—it will make you stronger and will streamline the many tasks that you carry on your shoulders.

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