Weekly Finstrology Update for June 20: Solstice Change of Trend

June 16, 2023

In a holiday-shortened trading week, the planetary alignments are mostly supportive. However, the summer solstice on Wednesday could precipitate a change in the stock market’s recent upward trend. 

Over the long weekend, Saturn turned retrograde in motion in the sign of Pisces. This reminds us it is time to review what we consider to be foundational assumptions, particularly concerning new, creative approaches to problem-solving. It remains retrograde through November 3.

Mercury, ruler of trading and communications, is in its ruling sign of Gemini when it sextiles both Venus and Mars in Leo. These connections could provide great opportunity to take a bold, short-term investment stance. Also be on alert for potential troubles in the banking industry, particularly over the holiday weekend when the sun square Neptune and Jupiter sextile Saturn could increase pressure to dissolve unsound entities. 

The sun enters Cancer at 10:58 am on Wednesday, an event that legendary trader W.D. Gann watched for a “change of trend.” While still at 29 Gemini, however, the sun is exactly square the Nasdaq-100’s Venus/Mars conjunction at 29 Pisces, while the moon, Venus, and Mars oppose the market’s natal sun. This could set up for a high, with resistance between 15,210 and 15,410; the March 2022 high was 15,265.

The next day, when the sun is still at 00 Cancer, it exactly trines the S&P 500’s first-trade Mercury at 00 Pisces. The moon, Venus, and Mars are all trine to the market’s first-trade Mars. This connection could pressure the S&P 500 toward a low, potentially finding support between 4290 and 4303. 

Markets on the Move

UONE | Urban One, Inc.

Urban One is a broadcast and digital media company focused on Black and urban consumers, so typically gets a lot of investing attention around the Juneteenth holiday. Indeed, for the last three years, it tended to spike higher ahead of the holiday, then set back by 60 percent or more. Founder and chair Cathy Hughes was the first Black woman to head a publicly traded company when the stock of Radio One was listed on May 5, 1999. The company changed its name to Urban One in 2017.

The stock set its record high of $54.16 on June 19, 2020, having soared from a low of $1.91 just four days earlier. Jupiter and Pluto were squaring the stock’s first-trade Mercury at the high, while Saturn and Venus were squaring natal Mercury at the subsequent low of $3.23 on September 2. 

In 2021, the first year that Juneteenth was a federal holiday, UONE peaked at $24.16 on June 11 as Mars formed a T-square with natal Mars and Mercury; the transiting sun was conjunct natal Venus. Prices fell to a low of $6.32 by mid-August, when the sun trined the stock’s natal Mercury while Mercury and Mars formed a grand trine with natal sun, moon, and Saturn.

Last year, the stock peaked on June 3 at $13.19 as the moon formed a T-square with first-trade Mercury and Mars. Prices fell to a low of $5.17 three weeks later, when they were spurred higher by the moon and Mars aligned with natal Mercury. 

This year, prices set a low of $5.71 on June 1, rallying to a high of $6.70 on June 14 as a strong T-square formed when Mars was squared with the first-trade sun and opposite first-trade Uranus; the moon was aligned with the natal sun and Saturn. Prices could set back into a low on Thursday, June 22 when the transiting moon, Mars and Venus form a T-square with the stock’s natal sun and a trine with the first-trade Jupiter. Look for a potential high on July 17 when the new moon in Cancer squares first-trade Mercury to the degree.

Weekly Highlights

  • Euro FX High on Thursday, June 22—Transiting Jupiter is exactly conjunct first-trade Mercury for a boost of trading optimism. Look for resistance near 1.1070, basis September futures.

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