Weekly Horoscope for April 2: Unite with Partners That Mirror You

April 2, 2023

A fast-paced week is upon us — the last one at full speed until we enter a sluggish period known as Mercury pre-shadow for the rest of the spring. While the onset of the week is a little challenging, likely bringing conflicts around communication and ideas as soon as mental Mercury dashes into the fields of Taurus, the rest of the week is rather benevolent, productive, and sweet. The week’s main event will be the full moon in Libra, which arrives on April 6. This lunation will draw a collective focus on our relationships and how we partner with other people in love, business, teamwork, or collaboration. With Venus, the ruler of this full moon, in a majestic dance with Neptune, there could be many opportunities for happy interactions with others or newfound soulmate love. We are also now officially in the period of the year known as eclipse season, which will bring an electrical feel to our time.


I deserve relationships based on equality, integrity, and compassion.


The brisk week ahead will spotlight Libra, Sagittarius, and Capricorn, likely offering good news both personally and professionally. As the full moon begins to rise mid-week, it will echo out over the weekend to come. Libras will be thrust center stage, asserting themselves to demand their worth. Important relationship transitions may also take place for many Libras, although likely in a positive direction. Sagittarians, however, will feel festive and fun as they connect with many people who love and adore them. Last, Capricorns will likely see professional victories as they march proudly toward their next career goals.



Major choices around relationships could dominate your week, Aries. No matter what, know your worth and your power. With the full moon across the sky from you in your solar seventh house of relationships, you’ll be eager to know exactly where you and a significant party stand. This is a time of union or a time to go your separate ways and carry onward to the next stage of your journey. 


A big professional project or health matter may dominate your attention this week, Taurus. Streamline your attention regarding what builds you up rather than what drains you. The full moon arrives mid-week and will dance in your distant solar sixth house of productivity. This could culminate in one of these situations, perhaps pushing you to better understand your work-life balance and where you must refocus your attention. 


A fury of passion could sweep you off your feet this week, Gemini. You’ll have an opportunity to live vividly in the moment! One of your favorite full moons of 2023 arrives just for you like a cosmic present with a golden bow as the lunation dances in the heavens of your solar fifth house of pleasure and dating. If you have children, one of them may take the spotlight and bring you a reason to celebrate.


A shift is coming to your home or family this week, Cancer. An opportunity to move, relocate, renovate, or redecorate could be at the top of your priority list. A full moon arrives in the depths of your solar fourth house of domesticity. This will encourage you to dig deep into your roots and emotions to assess how stable and secure you ultimately feel. If you need support from a parent or your parent needs your help, communicate clearly and with kindness.


Pack your bags and get ready to soar to nearby towns and locales, Leo. This is a fantastic time to check out the beauty of nature and the city culture in your location’s vicinity. This week’s full moon could bring a fun and fast-paced trip! If you can’t get too far out of town, consider being a tourist in your own city and visit restaurants, museums, and live events to recapture the wonder of why you live there in the first place.


Income and expense are big concerns this week, Virgo. Luckily, because there seems to be more coming in, you can budget better and plan ahead for the long term. The full moon will bring great attention to how you’re building your nest egg and saving and whether you can cut out any unnecessary purchases draining your accounts. Meet with a mentor or financial consultant if you have questions.


You are a shooting star blazing through the night and cracking the heavens this week, Libra. You are catapulting toward a heartfelt hope, dream, or aspiration. The full moon will energize your zodiac sign—your solar first house of identity. You’ll have a big week to assess how you’ve built your life in the past six months and what you need to change. Use the time wisely as you strike forth.


The coming week would be a fantastic period to connect with a therapist, counselor, or health professional, Scorpio. If something seems “off,” you’re being given a chance to link up with the people who can steer you in the right direction. They may be able to provide all the insight you need so that you can be roaring to life and feel on top of the world once again!


Call up all your best friends and plan a spontaneous, exhilarating event this week, Sagittarius. It’s time to embrace your star power. The full moon is shimmying through your solar eleventh house of joy and bliss, encouraging you to socialize and interact with many unique and kind individuals. If you’d like to launch a milestone personal or professional project, this would be an auspicious week, as it could lead to more prosperity in your career down the line.


A new laurel could be added to your credentials and name this week, Capricorn. Big rewards may now be paid off. A magnificent full moon in the heights of your solar tenth house of achievement will reverberate through the heavens. This will spotlight how you’ve been building your career and tackling new projects over the last six months. If you’d like to debut something or pitch a VIP, you’ll be in luck now.


By reflecting on wisdom from others and noble teachers, you could find that you are shaken to your core, Aquarius. This insight may revolutionize your vision of who you are and can be. Academic and spiritual energy will echo throughout your entire week. This is due to the exuberant full moon in your solar ninth house of expansion, encouraging you to expand your perception of people, life, and yourself. 


A major transition around big financial matters could be at hand this week, Pisces. With so many financial opportunities, be sure to contemplate where you stand and where you wish to grow. A full moon in your solar eighth house of wealth could bring news of a finalized settlement, negotiation, bonus, or approval for a loan, credit line, or mortgage.