Weekly Horoscope for April 28: Summer Lovin’ in Spring!

April 27, 2024

The typical hot summer romances are coming in early this spring! On April 29, romantic Venus enters her home in Taurus. Relationships find solid footing, as people are craving sensuality, pleasure, loyalty, and reliable care. We don’t have time for games; we just want stability. Within just a day’s time on the thirtieth, Venus’ lover, passionate Mars, enters his home in Aries

There’s a harmonious balance in romance, with passive magnetism and active pursuit complimenting each other well. The wow factor we’ve been craving comes in our hookups, casual encounters, or long-established relationships. Friendships may even come with a deeper sense of novelty, fun, and bonding. Remember to pace yourself. Too much sweetness can quickly turn sour. Excitement can quickly become irritation. Passion can quickly fizzle out. The true test is in time itself. 


I courageously wear my heart on my sleeve and pursue what makes me excited to be alive. 


Aries, Taurus, and Libra will feel a wave of enthusiasm for life this week.

Aries finds their assertiveness is being well received by others when Mars enters their sign.

Taurus always craves stability, and finds it in new, affirming ways in their relationships when Venus enters their sign. 

Libra will feel that their connections with others are being improved when Venus, their co-ruler with Taurus, is in its domicile, or at home.



Passion always seems to find you, but now others are also on board for your enthusiastic, child-like approach to life. When Mars enters your sign this week on the thirtieth, it becomes clear that your assertiveness, authenticity, and directiveness are inspiring others. It’s time to go after who and what you want, as your direct approach is sure to charm. Whether it’s in your love life, friendships, or in the workplace, being unapologetically determined will pay off tenfold. Opportunities find you, as you’re a natural-born leader this week.


You’re glowing! As Venus enters your sign this week, love is in the air. People begin to see you in a new light, giving respect for your loyalty, groundedness, and reliability. Expect an improvement in your finances, love life, style, or overall mood. Compliments and admirers are incoming, so be receptive to the positive energy others want to give you rather than being too stubborn or self-sufficient to trust their special treatment. You deserve to be celebrated without putting a wall up. 


This week, relationships can dive deeper into intimacy so long as both parties aren’t afraid to put their best foot forward, Gemini. As the irresistible Taurus Venus transit hits your solar twelfth house, you wish to be understood even when you’re confusing or irrational. Your emotions are valid no matter what, but be sure to let others in rather than shutting them out. Excited Mars is charging at your solar eleventh house this week, reminding you that hope is on the horizon. Working within collaborative approaches is supportive and uplifting for your future goals and aims. 


Opportunities are calling your name, so don’t shy away from taking a leadership approach. As Mars shines a flashlight of passion on your solar tenth house of career, you find yourself excited about new practical opportunities, Cancer. However, frustrations may sizzle up if ego battles in the workplace pop up. Luckily, Venus in Taurus is bringing peace, allowing you to be a team player. Collaborate with others, as it’ll bring you to the future destination you have in mind. Your determination will come off trustworthy so long as you’re clearly keeping everyone involved in mind through your words and actions.


The world is your oyster, Leo. Mars enters his home in Aries this week, bringing confident assertion to your ninth house of philosophy. Trips to foreign lands, perspectives that blow your mind, conversations that nourish you with soul food, or spiritual experiences that humble you with deeper meaning are in order. As interpersonal Venusian energy also softens your professional life, you find that people are eager to take your lead. Practically speaking, you may find that your colleagues or contacts are showing up with blessings at your doorstep this week. As you leave your comfort zone this week, the Universe blesses you in your career.


There’s no better time than the here and now to decide to do things differently, Virgo. As ambitious Mars peaks in Aries, your confidence beams when you embrace transformation. If you hold on tight to outdated circumstances for a false sense of security, you won’t be able to fully receive the blessings coming your way. Taurus in Venus will ask you an important question. Would you like to take part in practical experiences out of your comfort zone? They are sure to expand your mind and nourish your soul if you should say yes. In sum, this week is about breaking an old pattern so you can enjoy an updated lead on life that excites you once again.


As you become more proactive and direct in your relationships this week, people are sure to find your confidence infectious. You may have moments of self doubt or insecurity this week, as Venus treks through your solar eighth house. The empowerment of Mars in your solar seventh house creates new social opportunities, overriding any tendencies to dwell or doubt yourself. Put your best foot forward and allow people to see the real, authentic you. Honesty will be refreshing in your connections, allowing you to see in crystal clear clarity what others intentions are towards you.


As Venus blesses your solar seventh house of relationships this week, people are sure to gravitate toward you for your resilient, reliable energy. Others in your life will likely rely on your loyalty for comfort, and this will bring you all closer, Scorpio. As you enjoy being showered in love, don’t forget to take charge of your responsibilities. If you tackle any disorganization head-on, you’ll open yourself up to new opportunities. This is due to ambitious Mars transiting your solar sixth house of productivity. In order to attract more professionally, you’ll need to prove to the Universe that you can handle what’s currently on your plate tactfully. 


Passion is the game, love is the aim, Sagittarius. As restless Aries Mars enters your solar fifth house of romance, you’re sure to go after who and what you want instinctually. You may have hesitations at first to wear your heart on your sleeve, but the heat of the moment is sure to get the best of you. Channel your focus into creative projects, hobbies, and love interests that you’d like to see succeed. As Taurus Venusian energy transits your solar sixth house of responsibility, it’s going to become clear that others want to help you succeed. Allow or ask help professionally or practically in your personal life to restructure your days and routines. 


Mars’ entrance into Aries is sure to shake up your solar fourth house of personal life, Capricorn. You’re more likely to crave honesty, directness, and respect in your family, chosen or by blood, relationships. Be sure to be as direct as you crave others to be with you. Don’t engage in passive-aggressive power plays. The good news is that Taurus Venusian energy uplifts your romantic life, bringing you closer to lovers and sensuality. Creative bursts of energy are sure to motivate you towards exciting endeavors. 


If you’ve felt disconnected from those in your personal life, the good news is that this week brings you closer together, Aquarius. Your loved ones are reaching out to connect with you as Taurus Venus energy highlights your solar fourth house of family. Prioritize love and let responsibilities work themselves out when possible. Aries Mars energy charges through your solar third house, so be sure to be mindful of your communication. Honesty and intentional clarity are a big yay. Bluntness without regarding others’ feelings is a big nay!


This week motivates you to put your money where your mouth is, Pisces. In order to practically get where you want to be in life, it’s important that your financial decisions reflect what you wish to support. Your self-esteem will grow as you unapologetically advocate for your values as well. Further, Venusian energy blesses your solar third house of communication, softening your words and tone. When communicating with others, things are sure to go even more smoothly than expected. Your local community or friends should be more available this week, so plan for a fun social experience.