Weekly Horoscope for August 13: Channel the Lion.

August 12, 2023

The famous regality of the Lion has been honored for centuries, and this raw energy is especially potent at this point in time. With a spicy new moon in Leo arriving on August 16, we will be invigorated to step into the spotlight, express ourselves, and pursue our heart’s desires. However, the cosmic outlook of this lunation is especially mixed, with positive and challenging energy to navigate. Not only will the new moon be square Uranus, causing havoc, shocking news, and outbursts, but it will also be in a weak square with Jupiter. This will make us more indulgent and prone to overconfidence, greed, and selfishness, which may trigger our rebellious edge most of all. Luckily, the new moon is united with Venus, which can bring a touch of beauty and pleasure to our weeks ahead as long as we are willing to practice temperance, grounding, and moderation.


I will rule my life like a glorious kingdom. I will be a benevolent ruler at all times.


The three zodiac signs that will feel the spice of life this week most will be Aries, Libra, and Sagittarius. This trio could feel like they’re being whisked on a spontaneous, exhilarating new adventure. Aries will have many new opportunities to pursue their heart’s desires, particularly regarding creativity or romance. Libras, though, will find great support for one of their most meaningful projects, aspirations, or endeavors. Last, Sagittarians could suddenly begin planning a long-distance trip or even jet off to a new one now!



Blaze a trail like you’re a god of love set on fire this week, Aries. This week’s new moon roars from your solar fifth house of romance, creativity, and fertility. This is a five-star week for singles to shake it up and put themselves out there. Hot sex and sizzling chemistry could appear out of thin air and leave you panting for love, lust, and more.


Stability and security are the energies written in your stars this week, Taurus. As a humble homebody, you’ll enjoy this vibe to your core. This week’s new moon will bring good news from the depths of your solar fourth house of home, family, and domesticity. All of these themes will shimmer for you. Now is the perfect time to nest, transform your living space into a castle, or update your patio.


Pack your bags, set your sights on the horizon, and dive off the nearest cliff this week, Gemini. The new moon will invigorate your solar third house of travel, intellect, and communication. Stepping outside your comfort zone is especially favored now, especially by connecting to others and opening your perspective of life. Don’t just get caught up in your regular routine. It’s time to spice it up for more, more, more!


Money, money, money, honey! You will be in the mood to treat yourself and assess your income and expenses. Cancer, this week’s new moon will bring a fresh start to your solar second house. A raise from your employer could manifest out of thin air. If freelance, you could win a major client who ups your bank accounts like a shooting rocket! Go for the gold, and it could be yours.


Ascend the cosmic throne like the regal lion that you are, Leo. Step into a whole new era and version of you. With the new moon’s arrival in your zodiac sign — your solar first house of identity — you’re on fire and unstoppable! This will be like a galactic gift from the universe, opening a doorway for you to get whatever it is that you want most in this world. The world’s jaws will be on the floor!


Embrace your introspective, reflective magic this week, Virgo. A new moon dances like a veiled maiden in your solar twelfth house. This may make it feel like you’re having out-of-body experiences and downloading profound images and messages from beyond the spiritual veil. This would be a fabulous time to start a dream journal or meditation practice that you can keep for the year to come.


Sound the gong, Libra. You’re ready to rock the world and make legions of fans bow to you! This week’s new moon in your solar eleventh house of joy may bring you into contact with a copious amount of friends, followers, and people who can’t get enough of you. If you’ve been eyeing up a major aspiration or goal for quite some time, consider who in your network may be able to help you reach it! Then be bold and ask for the favor.


You may stumble on a new ambition brewing beneath the radar for some time, Scorpio. This could energize you to reach newfound professional goals, plans, and dreams. As the new moon arrives in your solar tenth house of achievement, it’s time to take a deep moment to assess your legacy. By knowing what you’ve built, you can assess what else you’d like to go for next.


This week could feel like you’re a pilot ready to take flight for the very first time, Sagittarius. You could feel absolutely giddy with anticipation and excitement to explore the unknown. The new moon is smiling upon you from the heavens of your solar ninth house of expansion. You could soon have an opportunity to pursue academics, media endeavors, publishing, long-distance travel, or even immigration. If this speaks to your soul, follow the music.


It’s time to make significant plans regarding long-term wealth, Capricorn. If you’re open to diving into crypto or something unique, be sure you know exactly what you’re getting into. A new moon in your solar eighth house of assets and investments will roar, encouraging you to think like a business mogul and only see money signs. Meet with a financial or investment advisor to assess your assets, investments, or real estate portfolio.


The stars are drawing your heart closely toward another in perfect alignment, Aquarius. It’s like your hearts have always been bound by an ethereal string, forever unbreakable. This week’s new moon sparkles across the sky from you in your solar seventh house of relationships. You may decide to make long-term plans, move in, get engaged, or even be wed. And if you do, it could surely be the “real deal.” Consider what you desire in your ideal partner if single and search.


Prepare to feel a whole surge of energy to build toward your goals and plans, Pisces. A busy week lies ahead! This is due to the new moon in your solar sixth house of productivity. Use its energy to assess your work and life balance. If you don’t keep a handle on your schedule, your calendar and responsibilities will overrule you. This leaves you depleted rather than nourished.