Weekly Horoscope for August 27: Kiss the Moon.

August 26, 2023

As we now parade into a period of the year with more planets dancing back and forth like lanterns in the night, we will truly sense a more nostalgic, intuitive energy taking hold. This will become especially pronounced on August 30 as a full moon in Pisces arrives, whispering a siren’s song. The energy of this full moon will amplify our sensitivity and compassion, as well as our romantic desires and creative impulses. This full moon may feel especially heavy, though, bringing deep emotions for us to face and a sense of mourning due to it being exactly united with Saturn, the Great Taskmaster. Neptune, the ruler of this lunation, will also pack a punch of energy for us to explore, as it will be opposite Mars, bringing weakness, illness, and delusion. However, Neptune will smile upon Uranus and Pluto, empowering us to seek changes that may ultimately be for the better.


I possess the spirit of the universe within me. I can trust that I have a beautiful place in this world.


This week’s full moon in Pisces will bring important shifts professionally to three zodiac signs: Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius. While there may be some hurdles to juggle and some important decisions to be made, as long as this trio remains grounded amidst the storm, they may proceed unscathed. Geminis could hit a milestone achievement at this time. Libras may find that they’re tackling important projects for an employer, especially one that sets them apart. Last, Aquarians could have a chance to get a new job or may be awarded a raise.



You’ve been craving some TLC, and this week may offer it to you, Aries. Consider trying to rest, rejuvenate, or even give yourself a spa day. The full moon will spin within your solar twelfth house of solitude and privacy. The cosmos are offering you a reprieve to recharge your emotional, physical, and mental batteries. If you do so now, you’ll feel fired up and ready to go before you know it.


Glorious celebrations could fill your life and calendar this week, Taurus. A heartfelt hope or dream is ready to be held in the palm of your hand. As the full moon radiates like a beacon in the heights of your sector of joy, you could feel like you’re following the yellow brick road. You’ll likely be surrounded by many fans, followers, and loved ones as you revel in the feasts of your aspirations. 


Success is a lifestyle, and you’ve been cultivating it, Gemini. Go for the crown and settle for nothing less! As the full moon radiates from your solar tenth house of achievement, VIPS and awards are calling your name. For the particularly lucky and hardworking ones, a promotion, favorable press, a compliment from an authority figure, or even a new job offer may manifest and make your ego expand a thousandfold. 


Get ready to explore vast new adventures, Cancer. With your curiosity about people and the world so active, it’s time to see what else the world has in store. As the full moon sings in your expansion zone, you’re ready to dance into a radiant, golden sunrise atop a watery ocean cruise. However, this may instead bring a different kind of opportunity to you: good news around media or publishing endeavors, academics, or even an immigration opportunity. 


Pull your sweetheart ever closer this week, Leo. You’re feeling the urge to merge! With the full moon highlighting how you give and receive and your intimate life, you could be discussing where the two of you stand. This would be a fabulous lunation to kick-start your sex life or even try out tantric lovemaking. You’ll feel as if your souls and bodies are uniting more beautifully than ever before.


This week brings blessings and magic to your partnerships, Virgo. A full moon across the sky from you in your partnership sector is singing a mating dance! If you and your sweetheart are on solid ground, you could discuss taking the plunge into deeper waters together, such as making long-term promises, discussing moving in or engagement, or even tying the knot. If single, be on the prowl for your “one and only.”


This week will surely make you juggle a million little tasks, routines, and responsibilities, Libra. However, you’re always so good at making your life manifest! As the full moon energizes your solar sixth house of productivity, this is a fantastic period to assess your work and life balance. Consider if you can streamline your priorities and calendar or even delegate things to other coworkers, staff, or people that you know. This would allow you more time to focus on what makes you happiest.


A soulmate connection could be coming your way this week, Scorpio. Romance, laughter, and magic are all on the menu now! As the full moon sings elegantly within your sector of passion and true love, you could feel like you’re spinning in a rainbow. If single, this is the most important lunation of the year to find someone new, so do everything possible to put yourself in the mood for love and set off to find your next great conquest.


Grab your coziest outfit and snuggle up before a backyard bonfire this week, Sagittarius. This week’s full moon highlights your domestic sphere and could bring good news regarding your home or family. If you’d like to plan a delightful summer gathering at your residence, your friends and kindred could consider it one of the most dazzling events of the year. If you are seeking to move or renovate, this lunation will get you grooving.


A sweet, sensitive message is brewing within your mind and soul now, Capricorn. As the full moon dances through your sector of intellect and communication, you’ll find the perfect words to speak, post, or send. Someone could become absolutely enchanted by you if you do so. Another way this lunation may affect you is by giving you the opportunity to venture off to some short-distance travel, especially near water.


Despite some ups and downs, the universe does want to bring some further truth this week concerning your finances, Aquarius. The full moon arises within your money sector, bringing fresh news regarding your stability and income. This may take the form of a raise, a new job offer, a lucrative client, or an opportunity to monetize via a side hustle. If, for some reason, you leave a job, consider how you can find another place of employment that values your skills better.


Let the world honor and smother you in love this week, Pisces. A full moon sings from within your zodiac sign — your solar first house of identity — and announces that you’re the cosmic main event! You may now find a major personal or professional goal within reach, especially one that you’ve been building toward over the past six months to a year. Regardless, assert yourself and make the world bow to you.