Weekly Horoscope for December 3: Unleash Your Sexy Side!

December 2, 2023

Here we are in the final month of 2023. As we reflect on all the twists and turns in the past year, we have likely found that this year is certainly better than the previous few we experienced. While 2023 still had its own challenges, the cosmic weather — on a collective level — was generally better. In the week ahead, Venus takes the spotlight, diving into the seas of Scorpio on December 4. This will bring a passionate, sultry vibe to all our interactions. Growing closer with significant others — especially sexually — could be on the table. Two notable days will also be December 5, as she kisses Saturn and brings stability to commitments, and spins opposite Jupiter on December 9. This foretells the week will end on an indulgent, hedonistic note.


I am the divine embodiment of sacred sexuality. I find myself sexy, as do others.


With Venus’s flight through the heavens, three zodiac signs will be seeing heart eyes: Taurus, Cancer, and Leo. All three in this trio will feel blessings rain down upon their personal lives, filling them with positive vibes. First, Tauruses will see great harmony in relationships, especially if things have been a bit tumultuous in recent weeks. Cancer, however, is the zodiac sign most likely to find a new prospective suitor who tickles their fancy. Last, Leos will feel an easier flow when it comes to their connection with their families and parents. 



It’s time to let the spark of love fly, Aries! Our goddess of attraction and pleasure, Venus, is swimming into the depths of your solar eighth house. This foretells glorious, passionate lovemaking for couples ready to experiment and embrace the magic in the moment. While couples will fare better with this energy than singles, if you haven’t found the perfect person, do not be afraid. Someone out there is ready to honor your softest parts. Just don’t dance into any toxic hookups.


Celestial magic is blessing your partnerships now, Taurus. As Venus, your planetary ruler, flutters like a mermaid across the sky from you in your solar seventh house, the union will be awe-inspiring. Couples have a chance to find goals they both wish to tackle or make plans together that feel empowering and exciting. If single, draw up a list of qualities you want your future “one and only” to have. Then put yourself out there!


Use the cosmic vibes to find the perfect work and life balance now, Gemini. You’re especially favored to do so now! Sweet Venus, our goddess planet of pleasure, is now transiting your solar sixth house of productivity and will make your life flow like running water down a stream. You will likely experience an easier vibe on the job or with coworkers or clients. Another gorgeous way to harness this energy is to spend more time with a pet or adopt one into your family. It could feel like a divine connection.


As the heavens shift, you’re being blessed even more by the great universe, Cancer. Sweet Venus, our goddess planet of relationships, will be blowing kisses your way from your solar fifth house of passion and romance. Singles must harness the cosmos by putting themselves out there and opening up their hearts. A twin flame may manifest out of your daydreams. If in a relationship, buckle up for some sensitive, passionate, tantric sex. You could hit entirely new limits!


Joy will be found with home and family now, Leo. Venus is spinning happily through your solar fourth house of domesticity. You may suddenly desire to beautify your living space, enjoy more time relaxing there, or even consider hosting a lively party. Luckily, if there has been any frustration with your kindred, you can find the right touch of compassion to make sure everyone is on the same page. Consider giving gifts to those whom you love and showing your gratitude. They’ll appreciate it!


Prepare for a spicier change of pace to kick-start your daily routine, Virgo. Venus shimmies into your solar third house this week. This means it’s time to embark on quick trips to nearby locales or hit the road and see where the journeys take you! Whether single or attached, know that fun, romance, and laughter will thrive if you push yourself to step out of your comfort zone and enjoy a more spontaneous pace. Consider visiting somewhere near water, whether a waterfall, beach, or lake.


Focus on an abundance mindset where wealth is inevitable for you, Libra. As Venus, your planetary ruler, dives into your solar second house of income and finances, you have more luck on your side. Gifts or opportunities to monetize could be drawn to you magnetically. If you are looking for beautiful possessions, they may be luxurious, opulent, and rare. Definitely consider any that you can adorn your home with or even offer to your family.


You’re being supercharged with cosmic energy, Scorpio. You’ll feel like you’re ready to burst! Venus, our goddess planet of attraction, is swimming into the depths of your solar first house and zodiac sign this week. This ensures that all eyes are on you as you radiate like an ancient deity. Romance, pleasure, and beauty are yours to command, so use your glow to captivate the world. This is an ideal moment to update your beauty by getting a fresh set of clothes and a new facial care routine. 


It’s time to take a step back and review your life’s patterns around love, sex, and passion, Sagittarius. This is because sweet Venus, our goddess of pleasure, is flipping her fins into the depths of your solar twelfth house. This may bring you a more nostalgic, reflective vibe as you contemplate where romance has led you in the past twelve months. This isn’t the most opportune time to meet someone new, if single, but it can help couples get up close and personal. Hooking up now could make you feel empty.


You’re the most popular one now, Capricorn. The stars are crowning you! Venus, our sweet goddess of attraction, will throw a dance party within the heavens of your solar eleventh house. If single, passersby will be turning their eyes your way, so be sure to look your best. If in a relationship, you could decide to host a dazzling dinner party or networking event with many friends. Someone in your circle could be the perfect connection for one of your pals. Be the matchmaker or ask someone for an introduction!


Applause will cascade to you like a symphony from heaven now, Aquarius. Our sweet goddess planet, Venus, throws on her most elegant gown in your solar tenth house of achievement. This ensures that honor and success for previously completed work are ready to be celebrated! If single, consider dating “up” in the world. A king or queen could soon be at your side as everyone envies that you are in a power couple.


Scale the wave crests of an unexplored ocean this week, Pisces. As Venus dives into your solar ninth house of expansion this week, you’ll be ready for adventure, passion, and exploration! If single, consider dating outside your usual type, especially someone from a background, race, spirituality, homeland, or upbringing different from yours. Travel also shines at this time. Book a flight or cruise, and you’ll rejoice in the moment.